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An insulting term used by both races.

When used by whites it translates to "nigger".

When used by blacks its describing an uncle Rukus type character.

A black person who is ignorant to white discrimination and unknowingly suffers with self hatred.

A black man who only dates white women or only find white women attractive.
"Samuel L Jackson played a coon in the movie Django."

"Great! The only black news-caster for FOX didn't find anything wrong the white policeman only arresting the black kids in a group of black and white kids! What a coon!"
by Tuttie504 September 02, 2015
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The word “coon” (originating in 1742) currently has three main meanings:

1) Short for raccoon, a woodland animal native to North America that is hunted and is known for stealing. By 1742.

2) A racial slur for a Black person which gets its dehumanizing power from the first meaning. Used by White people towards Blacks since around 1837. The slur has its roots in Minstrel show era depictions of Black people as buffoonish, lazy, superstitious, prone to theivery, ignorant, and watermelon loving.

3) A Black person who sells out and kisses up to racist White people, especially those who defend racist White people against Blacks; an Uncle Tom, what Malcolm X called a House Negro. A black person who will act in a demeaning stereotypical manner and/or degrade other Black people for White applause and White approval (in the same sort of way a Minstrel show would). It gets its insulting power from the 2nd meaning and has been used within the Black community since around 2005.

"Coon" means something contextually different when a Black person calls another Black person it vs when a White person does. When a Black person calls another Black person a "coon" they're calling them a sellout.
1) "Get the broom and chase that 'coon off the porch!"

2) "All coons look alike to me"

3) "Stacy Dash is a coon"
by Writteninkblots February 08, 2017
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I went to the R&B disco at DeNiro's last night and I was the only white person in there. It was full of coons.
by Robbo February 26, 2005
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A black guy who worships white girls and does not like his own race. A black guy who doesn't/barely claims being black
"Look at that fine dark skin over there"

"Girl no, he's a coon"

"Oh never mind then"
by Alwaysreal000 December 14, 2014
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Derogatory term for black people. Similar to "nigger." Originally a shortened form of the word "raccoon," used in reference to the animal. The black eye masks and noctural habits of the animal paralleled the characteristics of typical robbers and thiefs. The stereotype was then applied to black people.
FORREST: Hi, Earl! What’s goin’ on?
EARL: Coons are tryin’ to get into school.
FORREST: Coons!? Well, raccoons try to get on our back porch, Momma just chase ’em off with a broom.
EARL: Not raccoons, you idiot, niggers. And, they want to go to school with us.
FORREST: (with much surprise) With us? They do?
by c90lap January 03, 2006
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1) raccoon

2) Maine Coon cat

3) derogatory term for a black person

The use of this term as an ethnic slur derives from the
practice of using coonhounds (dogs trained to hunt
raccoons) to recapture escaped black slaves.
I sent Michael out with the hounds to bring back those two coons that disappeared last night.
by a pissed off raccoon October 18, 2006
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A term used to discriminate black people in the earlier centuries by white people to put them down similiar to nigger.

I'm the late 2000s however, the premise of the term changed. More ethnicities started using it to call other ethnicities who put down their own communities in order to favour Themselves or other ethnicities who do the same. Similiar to the "Uncle Tom".
Sheriff David Clarke: "These BLM Protesters are terrorists and deserve to go to jail."

People: "I can't believe they let this coon run things at the station.. it's almost like he doesn't even know his own skin colour."
by DamienSandow November 15, 2016
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