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Someone so unworthy of any respect that there are 17 pages of Urban Dict articles explaining his suckiness.
Guy 1: Yo who that Soulja Boy kid?
Guy 2: Check his sh*t out on Youtube! Or just get yours ears raped by an angry gorilla. Same thing.
by Yeezyyy November 21, 2010
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Another half-assed rapper from the south who only seems to rap about Bapes or getting crunk. Sadly, his newest song "Crank Dat" has seemed to garner the attention of almost every 16-17 year old teenage girl. He is the perfect example of the typical southern snap crap.

Look at his lyrics:

"soulja boy up in dis ho
watch me crank and watch me roll
watch me crank dat soulja boy den supaman dat ho
now watch me
crank dat soulja boy
crank dat soulja boy
crank dat soulja boy


Sadly, This is the new hip-hop...
by Mobb2x August 05, 2007
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a really horrible 'rapper'. he has a hit song called 'Crank Dat Soulja Boy', but that's the only song from him that people actually know about.

like most mainstream rap, his lyrics contain absolutely nothing worth talking about, yet people love him and he's making so much money. it truly is sad how fucked up the music industry is today. great rappers like Atmosphere, Immortal Technique and Jedi Mind Tricks are pretty much unnoticed, while shit like Crank Dat Soulja Boy gets played out on the radio. He has absolutely no talent and if you're gonna disagree with me, then you're either incredibally ignorant or just really fucking stupid.
Soulja Boy is really nothing worth listening to.
by souljaboysucks October 21, 2007
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A stupid loser who can't rap for shit.

He has trouble with english, and can only speak a couple sentences.

He looks like shit, he's a fucking wannabe, and a fucking poser.

Flava Flav could rap better than that motherfucker. (If you even call soulja boy's piece of shit songs "rap")

For all you stupid soulja boy fan-boys/girls, giving me a thumbs down won't do shit about soulja boy's fucking disgusting face.

Person: Shut the fuck up you loser.


Person: I would rather fuck my dog AND listen to Flava Flav's songs at the same time than listen to garbage like that

Take your fucking ugly ass face out of the fucking music industry.
by Hip Hop is dead September 07, 2007
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Soulja Boy is a perfect example of the rapid decline in the educational standards of the American music industry. Soulja Boy is also an example of the rapid decline in modern hip hop/rap.

With his new and only hit single "Crank Dat" reaching the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Soulja Boy has also become the number one most hated rapper.

Advantages of being a Soulja Boy:

1. No education is required
2. No talent is needed to make millions
3. Intercourse with all the 14 year old girls that listen crap music!

Disadvantages of being a Soulja Boy:

1. Your dignity and pride.

Simple steps to becoming a Soulja Boy:

1. Download a bootlegged copy of Fruity Loops Studio.
2. Claim that you bought it with your life savings to generate sympathy.
3. Open up your bootlegged copy of Fruity Loops Studio.
4. Open the demo song, remove everything but the drums.
5. Rename the song "Soulja Boy - Crank Dat"
6. Take out your mp3 player and turn on the voice recorder.
7. Say the following words in the following order: (1)"Soulja Boy" (2)"Superman" (3)"Bape" (4)"Ohhhhhh"
8. Repeat for 4 minutes, arrange it with the background music and import it to youtube.

Just remember the 3 main criterias needed for becoming the next Soulja Boy:

1) Make sure your songs don't make sense (use a maximum of 4 words in your songs)

2) Repetition is the key to saving a lot of time and dedication otherwise needed to produce a REAL song

3) Get cheap sunglasses (preferabbly from the dollar store) and white out your name on it
Haterz Get Mad Cuz
"I Got Me Some Bathin Bapes"

no we're mad cuz we have to hear your shit music coming out of everybody's headphones

When I Do Dat Soulja Boy
I Lean To The Left And Crank Dat Dance
(Now You)
I'm Jocking On Yo Bitch Ass
And If We Get The Fightin
Then I'm Cocking On Your Bitch


Haterz Wanna Be Me
Soulja Boy, I'm The Man
They Be Lookin At My Neck
Sayin Its The Rubberband Man (Man)

...running out of ideas for words that rhyme?

Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )

example of the rapid decline in the educational standards of the american music industry
by Soldout Boy November 15, 2007
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Some good beats were murdered by this "rapper". I hope his producer finds a better artist to rap to his beats.

But on to Soulja Boy himself. He has a speech impediment if you listen real close. That's not southern drawl you're hearing. He's in cahoots with Lil wayne to bring down Hip-Hop and once again prove nas that Hip-Hop is dead.

It's not his fault. He SHOULD go unnoticed, but again, not his fault. Blame the people who play his babbage ass music on the radio.
Soulja boy fanbitch: "Dul-dya byoy u in 'is o"

Me: "Huh? oh wait never mind, it's that speech impediment you're trying to copy"
by Raw Doggy April 10, 2010
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one of the worst rappers in the rap industry all he rap about is shoes and making new crank dat songs he made crank dat soulja boy and crank dat jumprope wat else crank dat crack head god he rlly does sucks he also says da same fuckin thing over and over again
bathing apes:
soulja boy sux
by Jee102 July 10, 2008
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