This word is often used as a racist term, but it does lave a legitimate meaning.
An animal. See raccoon
by TeamGoon October 11, 2005
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noun: it be all up in yo' trash!!!!
by assinator March 05, 2009
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A Black male who acts White/European and is engulfed in that culture.
Look at that coon loving his white male slave owners!!
by IchiKimchi March 06, 2016
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a sexually transmitted disease in which during intercourse the raccoon emerges from the vaginal canal and bites 2-3 inches off the tip of the penis.
keith has coons D:
by unfaithful acception July 25, 2011
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A petrol sniffing, woman beating, wallet stealing waste of space.
Man: "Did you see that coon at the petrol station?"
Woman: "Yeah he tried to hit me and steal my wallet."
Coon: "Shut ya fuckin mouth white trash, I can fuckin' hear ya cunt."
by Lick me 'ole November 23, 2009
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Black person that breaks law or does crazy shit
Jay is one crazy coon he hit the crack head with a bat he yelled coon shit bitch!!
by Sanchie_Chino May 29, 2017
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