When you dip your balls in chocalte sauce and Tea bag your buddy on the space between your nose and eyebrows,leaving a brown ring or bandit mask over your buddys eyes.
I bandit masked my roomate last night;Dude your a fag..
by smithers91 June 25, 2005
verb: when you dip/cover your balls in chocolate. then take your chocolate covered balls and drop them on a persons face.
on Howard Stern Richard got Bandit Masked by Captain Sack. it ruined my life.
by Zach™ July 2, 2005
A choclate bandit mask is When a burgler breaks into your house and you overcome him and then fuck him and shit on his eyes and smash it in the form of a mask.
Police Officer: What happend here?
House owner: He broke into my house
Police officer: Then what?
House owner: I overcame him and gave him a chocolate bandit mask
Police officer: Thats hot as fuck
House owner: Do you want a chocolate bandit mask
by CHocolate kingman September 6, 2015
When you dip your balls in chocolate and place them over someone's eyes, so that when you move your balls away it looks like they are wearing a bandit mask made of chocolate.
Jim had passed out at the party before the chocolate fountain had run out, so Danny took out his balls and gave Jim a chocolate teabag bandit mask.
by Chewbacca Bears September 5, 2006
The time honoured tradition, where one waits till a time when his ballsack is not tight, but hanging loose like 2 chestnuts in a wet ziplock. Then proceeds to place his balls on his partners face (preferably when she is lying down). You must position your ass above her head for optimum performance. Also must make sure your balls fall directly into the eye sockets, giving her the apperance of a raccoon, or if you will...a masked bandit.
A masked bandit can also be dubbed a as a Zorro costume on halloween.
by Cobbs666 December 3, 2006
A group of gang members involving Raccoons And a human name Lindsey who has the eyes of raccoon. They plot their plans in a tree on how to take over every house's attic. Members can only be recuited by Lindsey the head leader of the Masked Bandits
Brooo there's something in my attic

Maybe it's the Masked Bandits
by Rocco11215 March 28, 2017
certian trademarks placed by certian people, in certian places
"ah-hah, theres a masked bandit on my web page!"
by *masked bandit* December 14, 2003