To coon is to apply unnessesary and excessive amounts of black eyeliners around the rims of your eyes. A common practice by scene/emo chicks or any girl under the age 19.

It comes from raccoon, because wearing that much makeup makes them look like a raccoon.
Guy 1: "Woah- what is wrong with her eyes? Did she get beat up?"
Guy 2: "No man she just cooned today."
by bangbang973 November 26, 2010
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verb. to coon, cooning, cooned.

to participate in the act of playing Rollercoaster Tycoon.
hey Mark, call me after work if you want to coon tonight.

my girlfriend got so pissed at me for cooning too much last night.

dude, i cooned so much yesterday that i didn't get any studying done for our exam.
by michel parisay May 22, 2009
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1. Short for raccoon ; a type of rodent.

2. A rude, racist, and considered an untasteful word used to describe a person of African decent(black person).
1. Get your guns! It's coon hunting season!

2. Damn those coons and all their God forsaken rap music.
by Moegi Da Drummer March 29, 2009
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