the feelin of loathing or hating youself.
I have so much self hatred in me.
by TheApologeticHoser September 30, 2021
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Bigotry against members of one's own race, gender, religion, etc.
What's the deal with all these wiggers? It seems like Eminem started a new fad among young whites: self-hatred.
by Stop the Pendulum August 9, 2005
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You're beautiful and your personality is amazing! Don't hate yourself because there is so many people who love you!
"I hate myself "
I love you
Self hatred
by YourBisexualfriend June 10, 2020
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Bigotry against members of one's own race, also very ignorant
Adrian and Jahmari are exect examples of self hatred.
by Etowahanonymous October 8, 2018
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A hatred that came about from MANDALAY BAY TRAUMA.

NO QUESTION about it ROBBIE WILLIAMS used my music ideas with GUY CHAMBERS.

A COUPLING just like ED SHEERAN song THINKING OUT LOUD disabled and old.
WHEN I found out in the song "ME AND MY MONKEY.143 I was not only the POINT MAN of RODRIGUEZ...stEphen cRaIG paDdOck in the worse shooting in US HISTORY MANDALAY BAY but also a PED0PHILE ASSH0LE SHITEATER things just keep getting worse as look to the 666FAG WEBSITE SQUIRT as the evidence ATTACHMENT KEY to the GAY FLOOR 33 given in the song that shows PREMEDITATED MURDERS and now changes the disposition to a SELF-HATRED PAS because the entire case will now change like ROBBIE WILLIAMS changed the PROPERTY additional of a HOLMBY.FAGGOTS HILLS.GOT FAGS entrapped big time.

At the time ROBBIE WILLUAMS always a big fan from the UNITED STATES which is key that ROBBIE WILLIAMS has all my music over 7,000 songs SINGWRITER STRIP PEDOPHILE STRIP away as he looks like me and his SELF-HATRED PAS is going to get worse so keep it up SHITEATER.

RED LITTLE BOY and PEDOPHILE ASSH0LE SHITEATER will become more of a SELF-HATRED PAS as ALAN I being THE POINT MAN of STEPHEN CRAIG PADDOCK called the " SHOTS" sometime in the "BEFORE" the 91" HARVEST" would never end at MANDALAY BAY of all 43 FLOORS of SCAT.
by SMELLY HOMOSEXUAL April 6, 2022
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