Name of 1966 Spaghetti Western starring Franco Nero. Django Unchained (2012) "is a highly stylized tribute to Spaghetti Westerns using an obvious revisionist history, in particular the 1966 Italian film Django by Sergio Corbucci".

Nickname given or adopted by badjohns and wannabes to show toughness and badassery in Trinidad during the 1960s and 1970s.
Badjohn is Trinidadian dialect for a hoodlum, tough guy, Django.
by Musiuuu November 14, 2019
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the D is silent as most everyone now knows — the nickname of the great Belgian-born jazz guitarist Django (originally Jean Baptiste) Reinhardt, makes a dynamic musical choice for any jazz aficionado. Reinhardt's nickname "Django" is Romani for "I awake." The name has become more familiar with the release of and acclaim for the Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained.
Django from Django Unchained.

The guitarist Django, originally Jean Baptiste.
by the correct django March 25, 2014
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Verb: to take a situation that seemed doomed to fail, and turn it into an overwhelming success.

This word is inspired by the protagonist in the movie 'Django Unchained' (2012).
e.g. As CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs Djangoed that bitch; he took a company close to bankruptcy, and turned it into one of the most valuable companies of all time.
by plato9999 June 8, 2013
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Django, is a cool and amazing guy
Wow he's such a Django
by DaDJKing July 22, 2021
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Someone who is as broke as a newly freed slave, or acts broke but has the money to spend.
Sometimes Djangos are broke and they know it, but tease the seller to ask the question, "Why say anything in the first place."
Friend 1: "Want to buy a these Penny 3 sneakers from me, I will sell them for 80 dollars."
Friend 5: "Sure, they look nice. How much did you say though?"
Friend 1: "Well, since you are just my 5th friend, I only went 70 under retail to 80 dollars."
Friend 5: "Nah, I am good. I don't have the money."
Friend 1: "Then why say anything in the first place?"
Friend 5: "Cause I am like one of those Django fellows I saw on UD."
by Atari412 August 8, 2013
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noun djan-go

(The "d" is silent)

A term used to identify a person or persons of the black race.
That goddamn django stole my bike.
There's a django on a horse.
There are too many djangos in Five Points.
That django has a sweet Suzuki boosta.
by Cnknasty August 21, 2013
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