a tool used to make people listen to how horrible your sad excuse of a life is, sometimes used as a torture device for terrorists.
Cop: "He's not confessing, what should we do?"

Other Cop: "Go into the room and start a conversation about your life."

*Cop goes into room and starts talking*

Terrorist: "Please! I'm begging you! Please just shut up! I'll tell you anything!"
by electronic chic October 16, 2010
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the act of hooking up with one.....ususally in a sexual fasion
1.Man did i get some good convertation last night.
2."Leave us alone we're having a deep conversation
by alexandriamarie April 10, 2006
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Not every conversation involves flirting, though some females think guys can't resist doing so in any conversation.
The girl was a narcissist, that was why she took everything the guy said as flirting, sexual innuendo, or harassment. She thought every guy that saw her wanted to fuck her, and that it was the only thought in their brain. So any conversation became her hearing what she wanted to hear no matter what the guy actually said. She always read into in such a way that it sounded to her like another guy that wants to fuck her like every other guy she meets in her mind.
by The Original Agahnim September 23, 2021
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Teacher: lets have a conversation in the hall.
Bill: Lets not.
by john212 May 5, 2010
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When people say converse they are usually referring to Chuck Taylors or chucks which are most likely the most popular style of converse shoes. And yes my dad likes to tell those fascinating stories of how he wore them when he played basketball in highschool, often he uses visual aids(his highschool basketball team picture where everyone on the team is wearing said shoe) to illustrate this point. Yes, very cool dad. Then he regales us with stories of how he had a pair in every off the wall color and they were only ten bucks @ Yellowfront (some ancient sporting goods store). All very fascinating. Nowadays these glorious shoes are being worn by all types of people, but I wont even try to name all the "categories" of people that wear them because that's lame. Classification sucks major ass. Anyway, don't give a shit what anyone says about you wearing the damn shoes. If you like something wear it. That should be the only reason to do anything at all anyway. So whether someone says your cool for wearing them or they tell you that you have no right to do so, just tell them to FUCK OFF! because you couldn't care less what they think! Or you could just ignore them and walk away which is often to better effect.
Lame person: "Hey you can't wear converse, those shoes are strictly for .....(insert lame ass classification)."

You in your fine ass kicks: "Get a life." (turn your back on lame person and walk away)
by jdaddict June 23, 2006
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rubber and canvas shoes that have become a trend. often seen in many colours and patterns. can now get fakes for a 5th of the price. people often change the laces ands put beads on and write things on the rubber parts.
trendy people hated the alternatives wearing them a year later they have 3 pairs
dont wear them in the rain or they tend to go squeak squeak
by Stephanie Dawn August 1, 2005
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A word used by people that spell so badly they have no hope of saying the word converse in normal conversation
"We had nothing in common, nothing to conversate about"
by Hatfishing king December 13, 2018
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