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A pair of Converse shoes that have a flat rubber sole. They come in either high top or low top, and the low tops are a little bit cheaper than the high tops. They also wear down quickly. Just cause they're worn by somebody, it doesn't make them a poseur, goth, or whatever. They're just a pair of shoes.
"Chucks are old-school, but now they're turning into more of a trend"
by Jess April 07, 2005
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old school sneakers that are super comfortable and go with anything. Please avoid stereotyping. these shoes are for those that like em and want to wear them. Don't wear them because you want to label yourself and you think Chucks will reinforce it.
Hi Top or Low top Chuck Taylors. I like them both.
by Pickzydust May 10, 2006
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Please, ignore all other definitions by other people. They are all inaccurate. Converse Chuck Taylor's, also known as All Stars, are the first known All-American basketball shoe ever made. They were not made in the 1950's, they were introduced in 1917 by the once independent Converse. Since their original production, Converse has been bought for a $350 million deal by Nike in 2003, who has changed the material and production manner of these shoes (they're not made how they used to be). Also, the reason they became so popular was because at the time, they were really the only available sneaker on the market.
The Real Chuck Taylors
by Donttrip May 21, 2008
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Its a pair of shoes. Wearing them does not make you a poser.
Idiot: You wearing chucks?
Guy wearing Chuck Taylors: Yeh
by mynameisnik February 19, 2006
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One of the greatest forms of footwear ever created. Simple, elegant, sturdy and affordable, the Coverse Chuck Taylor has housed many a foot since their introduction to the world in the 1950s.
A lot of people say that the Chuck Taylor is a sure sign of a poser/goth/sk8er or something without realizing its just a bloody shoe.
by kwashia February 03, 2005
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The Converse All Star (without Chuck Taylor's signature) was first sold in 1917. In 1923, Chuck's signature was added. For those that feel that they must identify an original social "group" for the popularity of these shoes, I'd say it was SoCal surfers back in 1960. The Converse (we never called them "Chuck Taylors") fit right in with our Levi cords and Pendelton shirts. Another shoe that was popular then was the Jack Purcell tennis shoe (I think Converse bought them out and still makes them...they're the ones with the bulbous toe and smiley face stripe). I still have four pairs of Converse (2 low cut and two high tops) that I wear... it's got nothing to do with gansta rap, goth or posing. For me, it's a bit of nostalia and comfort. As low tech as they get, but they're still great for a 6 mile walk by the beach.
I've got four pairs of Chuck Taylors and none of them were made in this century.
by Michael Gorfain October 14, 2007
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