Please, ignore all other definitions by other people. They are all inaccurate. Converse Chuck Taylor's, also known as All Stars, are the first known All-American basketball shoe ever made. They were not made in the 1950's, they were introduced in 1917 by the once independent Converse. Since their original production, Converse has been bought for a $350 million deal by Nike in 2003, who has changed the material and production manner of these shoes (they're not made how they used to be). Also, the reason they became so popular was because at the time, they were really the only available sneaker on the market.
The Real Chuck Taylors
by Donttrip May 21, 2008
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A pair of Converse shoes that have a flat rubber sole. They come in either high top or low top, and the low tops are a little bit cheaper than the high tops. They also wear down quickly. Just cause they're worn by somebody, it doesn't make them a poseur, goth, or whatever. They're just a pair of shoes.
"Chucks are old-school, but now they're turning into more of a trend"
by Jess April 8, 2005
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Its a pair of shoes. Wearing them does not make you a poser.
Idiot: You wearing chucks?
Guy wearing Chuck Taylors: Yeh
by mynameisnik February 19, 2006
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One of the greatest forms of footwear ever created. Simple, elegant, sturdy and affordable, the Coverse Chuck Taylor has housed many a foot since their introduction to the world in the 1950s.
A lot of people say that the Chuck Taylor is a sure sign of a poser/goth/sk8er or something without realizing its just a bloody shoe.
by kwashia February 3, 2005
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What every white girl in my school wears with their yoga pants. And it's fucking amazing.
Bob: Did you see Kate at school yesterday?

Mike: Hell yeah, man. How could I NOT see her? She looked so HOT in those dirty low-top Chuck Taylors she was wearing with her Yoga Pants.
by GirlsAreBeautiful October 18, 2017
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Chuck Taylor

A very stylish brand of Converse shoes that come in many different colored soles and canvas sides. You may also place interesting laces in these wonderful old school sneakers!
I have 3 pairs of different colored Chuck Taylors with interesting laces in each of them! I have pink w/ stars, blue w/ duck, and gold and black w/ red checked laces!
by Laura May 12, 2004
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The illest shoe ever made. So simple yet so sick. I wore these shoes all my life. They were first made in the 1950's and have been worn since then by all types of people, including gangsta rappers, rockstars, b-ballers, skaters, and people who just like to chill. Now, due to faux pop-punkers like Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, and Green Day, they have become increasingly popular with trendy poser chicks. Some geeky goth kids wear em too. But thanks to rappers such as the Game they are being reclaimed by blacks, the group that really rocked them in the first place. I don't really care what clique wears them, I'm gonna keep wearing them forever. I just hope the females don't completely take over the shoe and make it a feminine shoe to wear like they did the Adidas superstar. Oh well. They still rock, and always will.
Oh, and only posers buy the lame low top chucks. High tops all the way, baby!
Uh, yeah, I said everything I wanted.
by Jam Master J April 26, 2005
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