A phrase that indicates you are agreeing with someone, or replying to a question asked, based off of what the conversation may be about, whether it is a place, person, or thing.
Danny: "Is your cake moist?"

Tabitha: "Yes, very!"
by @TheRoseBowler April 08, 2017
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1) a phrase used when agreeing with something and or given in confused agrence

2) a response to a question you dont know the answer to
Teacher:when did the war of 1812 occur

Student: yes very much so

Stranger 1:hey whats the time

Stranger 2:yes very much so
by L for Lavender September 30, 2020
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An affirmative response that is much more serious than a simple yes. Used by Strong Bad on Home Star Runner. Similar in use and nearly synonymous to the phrase, "very much".
StrongSad: Do you have a computer virus?
StrongBad: No.
StrongSad: Do you have 82,000 computer viruses?
StrongBad: Yes, very yes!!!
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what u say when ur slime says something random
“did u know hear about that ligma outbreak?”
“mm yes very cool.” *followed by laughter usually by both parties if they both mutually understand that what was said was stupid and random*
by mm yes very cool May 27, 2019
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