The term used to describe the leisurely use of marijuana. Especially by a small group of friends in and around Mount Airy, Maryland.

Other Forms:
Doing Something Constructive

Related Words:
Big - Bong
Big League - Blunt
Popcorn - Bowl
Megablock/Lego - Pot brownies
"Dude, so are we constructing this weekend?"

"We're doing SOMETHING constructive, thats for damn sure."

"Lets make Megablocks!"

"If you want to... I'm just gonna have kyle get us a Big League."

"I'm confused..."
by Michael Ross Rosenberg May 30, 2007
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One of two seasons in Pennsylvania, the other being winter. Construction takes place between the end of February and the end of November; in spite of the massive inconvenience this usually causes, most of the state's major roads still look like shit.
"Plenty of construction taking place between exits 22 and 56 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike today; if you live north of Allentown and need to get to Philly, you might as well walk 'cause you'll probably get there faster"

A: "How was your drive back from Pittsburgh?"

B: "Well, it took me 7 hours just to get to State College because of the all the goddamn construction, and then I blew out my tire on I-81 thanks to a pothole the size of Lindsay Lohan's beef curtains. You tell me."
by C-Mills October 21, 2012
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n. Directions included with items such as plastic models and furniture that require some assembly.

Are you sure that you followed the constructions Aliyah? Daddy’s chair looks very wobbly.
by gnostic3 December 22, 2017
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A New York City term for the 6 inch Timberland brand boots (preferably wheat color).
"Yo son dem constructs is odee fire, deadass."

"Good looks fam."
by King Listo December 6, 2017
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n. Instructions, often included with a model or pice of furniture, detailing how to properly assemble something.

That bookshelf does not look stable Aliyah. Did you follow the constructions?
by gnostic3 December 20, 2017
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Tribal IRC Whore who thinks that everything is funny and continually searches the web looking for "hilarious" pictures and movies.
by Constructs #1 Fan November 4, 2003
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