A rediculously large rear wing on a car.
Person #1: Look at all the stickers on that bookshelf.
Person #2: Three different tire companies.
by Rupan March 2, 2007
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Sexual act where someone takes it orally and anally/vaginally at the same time. When 2 people bookend someone, they are bookshelfing or have bookshelved them.
"Were gonna go bookshelf this girl!" "Oh man me and Phil Bookshelved this slut last night!" "So, when are you gonna let me and my boy bookshelf ya?" "I walked in on my mom being bookshelved by my best friend and my dad!"
by BodyDropper July 27, 2008
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Code name underaged drinkers use for getting blackout drunk in a friends room, a bookshelf may or may not fall on someone.
Bookshelf tonight in Monica's room, should we get popov or Smirnoff?

Bookshelf was intense last night, we had to stick a toothbrush down someone's throat to make her barf up the Bacardi 151.
by AmoneyNdaHouse March 12, 2017
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a chicks ass that is round, ample and sticks out just the right proportionate amount on which you could literally stack books on
yo holmes, that strippers got a great bookshelf ass
by ronnie_e May 15, 2009
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a book, usually some type of hip or classic piece of literature, that you bought and read 14 pages of it and never finished, yet you left in casual display in your living area so people think you're well read.
-1"Yo have you seen the movie Fear and Loathing?"
-2"nah, but i read the book."
-1 "I heard the book is good. Did you like it."
2- " Well I never actually read it. it's on my bookshelf though.
by Todd is my hero January 18, 2015
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Woman with huge breast implants that stick out like a bookshelf who has no books (brains) to go with it.
Did you see that story of the woman that was fired from her job for being "too sexy"? Well, once you start digging into her background and see some other videos of her, it turns out she's just an empty bookshelf.
by Bob and Lesa July 26, 2010
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A code word for sex. To be used in situations in which another person should not know what you are talking about. Other phrases include; building a white bookshelf (oral sex), staining a bookshelf (sex while girl is on period), and building a brown bookshelf (anal sex)
guy 1: "hey bro you build that bookshelf yet?"
guy 2: "straight up man! it went together real nice!"
parents: "its nice to see our son getting interested in books and carpentry"

guy 1: "are you going to be building a bookshelf this afternoon?"
guy 2: "yea so stay outta my room!"
by dr. carpenter man March 27, 2010
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