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Timberland is an outdoor clothing manufacturer/retailer. Not to be confused with, record producer, singer-songwriter, actor, musician and rapper, Timbaland!
Riley: I really want Timberland boots for my birthday!
by threeohthreeftw September 18, 2010
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They are work boots worn mostly by black people who do not work. The cleaner the boots are the bigger the middle finger to the white man. This is because the money from welfare that's supposed to help down on their luck people get the items they need find and to work a job. Such as "work boots" are bought and then worn as a trophy. Such people usually stay on welfare long term. Or so the legend goes.

In short. It's an ignorant crappy racist and lazy thing to do.
Jhykime was being a timberland at work yesterday.

Susan took my salad out of the fridge and told me I was such a timberland friend for forgetting her birthday.
by Yodajeep December 04, 2016
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