If you ever see someone fly this flag it means that that that person is a redneck and that that person is proud of their southern heritage. It does not, however, mean that that person is a racist.
by Jnelsonmarka October 6, 2006
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We the south, did not lose in the war we really beat those damn stupid yankees, its just Lee wanted to be a nation again, so he stopped the war. And if you see someone flying it, it does NOT mean they are a redneck. There are a LOT of rednecks in the north! The north is backwards for saying that we, the south are backwards. People in the south are the nicest, smartest, friendliest people ever! And those niggers need to quit thinking the rebel flag is a sign of racism, now we are calling them niggers because they think that the rebel flag is a sign of racism! And the niggers who think the rebel flag is a sign of racism are actually the racist ones! It is not racism, it is just heritage! The South WILL rise again! And all southerners do not have rotten teeth! Up north there are a million yankees with rotten teeth! And believe it or not, yankees are the ones that are stupid and ignorant! The south rules, the north is ugly and gloomy. Eat that yankees!
The rebel flag is a beautiful flag that is a sign of HERITAGE!!! The South will rise again!!!!
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The rebel flag was the flag of the Confederate States of America. A lot of people are offended by rebel flags because they believe they symbolize racism. Quite the contrary. I like rebel flags, but I am not racist. The Civil War erupted over states' rights, not slavery. The South was mostly people in favor of states' rights, and the North was mostly people who wanted the national government to have more power over the states. Please, learn your history before you judge.
The rebel flag symbolizes states' rights.
by GAgrl93 October 3, 2009
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The Rebel flag is the flag that was used by the Confederate States of America, as you should probably know. Many find it racist becuase the Confederates were for slavery but it is NOT racist. Confederates freed slaves that enlisted in their army and didnt force them. Most black Confederates were proud to fight for them. Confederates freed their slaves 5 years before the union did. Also there was slavery under the U.S. flag a lot longer than under the Rebel flag. The U.S. flag was hanging on the ships that shipped slaves and not the Rebel flag. And by the way... the civil war wasnt only fought over slavery, there were more issues and differences.
" look at that redneck with his rebel flag, what a racist"

" THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN i bought a Rebel flag with hank williams jr's head in the middle saying 'if the south woulda won wed have it made'
by NealOrNoNeal May 14, 2009
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The confederait battle flag that is proudly waved by southern people to show there proud of southern heritage. it is NOT a racist flag!
Hey look at drew waving the rebel flag showing his pride of the south
by john April 5, 2004
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the rebel flag, also known as the confederate flag, has nothing to do with racism. yes the klan, skin heads, and other white supremeness groups use the flag but they are the ones that gave the flag a bad name.

the flag was originally created to be the battle flag of the C.S.A. after they broke away from the union.

the war everyone knows about about, the civil war, was the main battle where the flag was flown.

the civil war was over alot more than just slavery. fact general lee didnt even own a slave but the northern generals did. fact the south freed their slaves before the north. fact the slaves that were freed joined the confederate army willingly and were proud to fight with us. fact the us flag had more slavery under it than the confederate flag. fact some black people fly the confederate flag too.

there is more to the confederate flag than just what is pro-trade.
look at that redneck and his rebel flag, he must be a racist.

but they dont know he has black friends.
by rebel life October 24, 2011
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the confederate battle flag...many people think it is a sign of racism, it is infact showing heratege that your proud for...for instance mexicans having their flag flying...
the rebel flag is NOT a sign of racism...
by proud southern November 13, 2005
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