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The proper term that everyone else uses instead of the pro-Southern rednecks and the imbred types that say Git R Dun. (Other spellings include Get R Dun, Git-r-dun, and Git Er Done.)

This is the standard phrase that is used for completing a task, to have sex with a girl, make a smart purchase, etc. In addition it is what the majority of all people in America say instead of that mangled distortion known as Git R Dun.
Even George W. Bush says "Git it done". It's shocking that most people, fortunately still say git it done (or get it done), even inspite of the TV satellite and cable access to the retarded slang coined by the infamous redneck Larry the Cable Guy.
by The Kentucky Yankee March 20, 2005
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A sarcastic or lighthearted term for bare feet, or to go barefoot. This is derived from the stereotype that most Kentuckians are a bunch of hillbillies who go around barefoot, make moonshine, practice incest, etc.
Its really hard to walk on gravel when you're wearing Kentucky shoes.
by The Kentucky Yankee August 10, 2005
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The people who inhabit the large northwest-European islands known as the British Isles. These are, without a doubt, one of the greatest ethnic groups of people in the entire world. The nation known as the United Kingdom (or Great Britain) use to own a great majority of the earth, with colonies in North America, Africa, Far East Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and subcontinent Asia (India).
In my opinion, the British are a wonderful people, with an awesome culture, beautiful women, the greatest accents, and some of the best bands in the world.
I love the British a lot. I'm very proud to be mostly of British heritage.
by The Kentucky Yankee April 22, 2005
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An institution that has existed long before the period in which blacks were experiencing involuntary servitude in the American South. It has existed since the formation of ancient empires (especially Egypt and Greece, of which the latter had WHITE slaves.) and still, unfortunately, exists today in small parts of the world.
Slaves weren't always forced into involuntary service and labor because of economic reasons (a primary factor with the European slave trade that lasted all the way until the early 19th Century.) but also because of "spoils of war." In ancient times, and during the rule of the Aztecs, many prisoners-of-war became slaves as a result of military defeat and surrender.
The first slaves in the Americas were the Native Americans theirselves, as a result of being conquered by the Aztec Empire. However, when the Spanish came over and successfully destroyed the Aztec military forces and took over Tenochtitlan (with the help of smallpox epidemics that wiped out over half the population of the 200,000 population capital), it was the Aztecs and other Native Mesoamerican peoples that became slaves. Unfortunately for the Spaniards, however, the Indians turned out to be of little use in the silver mines, and too susceptible to the diseases that the white Europeans brought over.
This is how black slavery began. By the late 1500s, black slaves were being brought over from western and sub-Saharan Africa to began working in all of the fields for the Spanish; they would be planting, growing, and harvesting all of the crops and valuable consumer resources that they contained, especially in the Caribbean Islands and Hispaniola. Many more black African slaves were brought over to Brazil by the Portuguese where they did similar work. When tobacco was discovered during the early 1600s by English settlers who landed at what became Virginia, more black slaves were brought over to work in the tobacco fields, which the harvests would be sent back to the Motherland for profit for the English colonists. Enslavement of black people in North America would spread as the descendants of English settlers gradually became American southerners in North Carolina and southern Virginia, even though slavery would temporarily exist as far north as New England. However, the furthest north that slavery would be present from the time just before the American Revolution to the post-Civil War Reconstruction era would be Northern Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware, even though those states (or the upper halves of these states) were technically northern.
The first true abolitionist movements in the United States began in the 1820s, but good, high momentum and consolidated efforts wouldn't show up until the 1850s, with the formation of the Republican Party (est. 1854) and the conflicts in "Bleeding Kansas". Though the Civil War was supposed to be over whether the Union would be preserved or the country split in two with an independent southern nation, as well as economic factors including tariffs that The North reasonably put on manufactured goods made from their labor that the South bought since they wouldn't or couldn't make it themselves. By 1863, following the Union victories at the Battle of Perryville, Antietam, and Stones' River in Tennessee, the Emanicipation Proclamation was issued, though there were some exceptions with who would and would not be freed within it. Directly after the war's end, however, Radical Republicans had finally freed all of the slaves, and were now getting them their first Constitutional Amendment rights during the Reconstruction era (1865-1877). Sadly, following this era were Federal troops were forced to withdraw as part of the terms with a presidential election conceding deal that put Rutherford B. Hayes into office. As a result, these Constitutional civil rights were not recognized or respected again until the late 1950s, where, once again, the Republicans stepped up alongside the black civil rights activists to help OFFICIALLY get them the equal rights they desperately wanted (and needed) so badly. With President Johnson forced to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964, finally granting blacks and everyone of other races their equal rights that would be protected and recognized by business owners, public places, and the government.
The Republican Party and abolitionists in North America and Europe did a lot to help end slavery during the 19th Century.

The Kentucky Yankee, proud UrbanDictionary user bringing you definitions about historical events, battles, and wars since August 2004.
by The Kentucky Yankee October 4, 2005
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Third-largest city in the midwestern state of Kentucky with a population of over 54,000 people. Founded in 1812 by settlers from north-central Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Established along a southward bend in the Ohio River in the northwestern section of Kentucky, directly across from Indiana. It is unofficially known as "The Most Southern of Northern Towns", as it is located in the lowermost areas of that massed area.

Owensboro is world-famous for its quality Barbecue (or Bar-B-Q.) The annual Barbecue Festival is held every summer in downtown, and even draws tourists from other nations. The city is home to Johnny Depp and several lesser-known Christian Rock bands and a band known as Atticus Fault. Owensboro is pretty cold during the winter and late fall, and very hot in the summertime. The downtown riverfront of Owensboro is gradually developing to make it better and to look more attractive. The people are very polite and hospitable. There are families with long-running businesses as well as successful lawyers, physicians, and doctors. The middle/medium-income class is most prominent, while there are several thousand of the poor, lower class.
The best places to eat in town are The Bistro in downtown, Moonlight Bar-B-Q on the westside, Applebee's, King Buffet Chinese/American restaurant off the Expressway bypass, Texas Roadhouse, and the House of Canton in southtown. The city also holds an annual Civil War battle re-enactment of the Battle of Sutherland's Hill, the only significant Civil War engagement in Daviess Co., Kentucky and also a Union victory. Three Union regiments, two of Infantry and one of Cavalry were formed in Owensboro back during the Civil War, though the city is small, it still has considerably good shopping, plenty of places to eat, an interesting history, and a lot of sights to see, including Ben Hawes State Park, Legion Park, Yellow Creek Park, Golfland, the Korean War Monument, the Owensboro Museum, a large 12-screen movie theater, and the elaborate, upscale Executive Inn.
Owensboro is a good large town. It has a beautiful downtown riverfront, and it is my hometown.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 6, 2004
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The best places in the United States that make up over half of the nation's total population as well as around 3/4 of the country's total land mass. These particular states are filled with good people, usually who work for a living and get educations or they work hard to make something of themselves. There are a few ultra-liberal morons and ghetto-ass black people who hate whites, but overall it is the better people who have morals, a work ethic, care about their families, and defend their personal beliefs and will stand up for their president, or at least for their country.
All of you blue states are outnumbered and outwitted, as a result of our being more intelligent than you. Go Bush Go!
by The Kentucky Yankee April 25, 2005
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A large denomination in the religion of Christianity that has smaller factions such as Missionary Baptists and Southern Baptists. This is not a denomination that is predominantly composed of Southern Whites, contrary to popular beliefs and opinions. Instead, it is a widespread religion that is practiced by many people here (Ohio River Valley) in the Midwest, the Northeast, all of The North, the West Coast, and even over in Europe. It is one of many Protestant (Non-Catholic) groups that are Christian, are being Baptist is also a great thing to be.
Baptists are devout Christians who know Jesus is the Savior as well as the only son of God. They go by the teachings of the Bible, worship God AND Jesus, and have accepted Jesus into their heart and experience the miracles and love of God, who is the ONE AND ONLY true god.
by The Kentucky Yankee December 9, 2004
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