Verb: The act of ejaculating on a person's face in order to display sympathy, or interest in said person.
Synonyms include: Cum on, Ejaculate, Jerk off, Jack off.
"Man, that girl is hot as hell. I'd like to sympathize on her all night long."

"Poor Misty. She looks like she has had a bad day at work. Maybe I'll go over to her house later and sympathize on her."
by Nabil May 3, 2006
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Somebody who is not a furry, but tolerates them for what they are. They strictly believe that furries do not practice real beastality, and acknowledge that they are human beings.

Usually just referred to as "fur sympathizers", they accompany furries in debates against furry haters.
"omg ur a furry?"
"No, I am a fur sympathizer."
* Fur sympathizer was kicked by random furry hater
by Anonymous Fur Sympathizer March 6, 2005
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REAL people, not Furry's, or Furry Haters, but the people inbetween...really nice people, but they usally still get fucked around by Haters
"Hey, you play Furcadia?"
"Nah...But it's ok..."
by John Perky March 14, 2005
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U.S. Congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas) was the lead
Republican at the congressional hearings about the bp oil spill.

As his opening remarks with bp's Tony Hayward, he actually apologized to him for President Obama's "harsh treatment." Barton actually said Obama's insisting on bp setting up a $20 Billion victim compensation fund was a "shakedown."

The appropriate shock and awe followed. Even John Boehner was embarrassed and Barton eventually apologized for his own assisnine insensitive stupidity.
Some of Rep. Barton's Republican colleages were surprised to hear he was a bp sympathizer, but many of his corporate owned colleages agreed with him. However if you look at his $1.4 million in campaign contributions from big oil you can begin to understand.
by Charles_U_Farley June 19, 2010
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A button that should be pressed when someone shares a very emotional or sad status in social media especially on Facebook.
A: Facebook must introduce a sympathize button soon.
B: I agree with you. This is really weird when other friends press the 'Like' button even if the status is about the death of a relative.
A: Do you know about the person who suggested the necessity of this button so clearly?
B: Md. Ziaul Haque from Bangladesh; am I right?
A: Yes, he posted a status on Facebook on Aug 30, 2012 about the introduction of a 'Sympathise' button. The status was- "I find it really strange or weird especially when someone clicks the 'Like' option even when his friend faced an accident. How can we 'like' this phenomenon when the concerned person is not happy? I think my Facebook friends must agree with me on this note. According to me, Mark Zuckerberg should think seriously about this and add another option just beside the 'Like' button. I suggest that "Sympathise" can be the most suitable option."
B: Thanks a lot for this information.
A: It's alright.
by Rajeeb2014 December 16, 2014
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Someone who feels bad for or likes gingers and will often befriend them and even mate with them.
Did you hear about Nate? He's dating a ginger.
What a ginger sympathizer.
by InkedLeaves January 3, 2011
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A person who stands behind and defends any and all of the Governments positions or policies regardless of its short falls.
Most people in this country are against this Bill, however it looks like there are some Government sympathizers who will vote the Bill into law. To sympathize with the Government IE Policy or events such as Kent University.
by J. Vondam April 15, 2008
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