People from the midwest. Incorrectly stereotyped as:
Conservative (in actuality, the midwest is very balanced between liberal and conservative)
Stupid (Some of the best public education in the nation is in the midwest)

Correctly stereotyped as:

These people are some of the nicest you'll find anywhere. They aren't as interested in materialism and greed as others in America. Very good work ethic.
East Coaster: You midwesterners are stupid hicks, fuck-bag.
Midwesterner: I'm sorry you think that. Would you like to come in for some dinner?
East Coaster: I feel really guilty for being so mean and making such horrible generalizations about such a nice person.
by The Truth-man October 23, 2007
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People in the "heartland" area of America who are known for their cultural isolation and close-mindedness. Though they are a hard-working and sharp-minded folk, they have the tendency to look down upon you and derive pleasure from making you feel inadequate and stupid when you have essentially done nothing wrong, but rather merely spoken or acted in a way that is outside their limited, and to an extent ignorant, cultural understanding of the world. Confident and arrogant in their efficient way of life, they shudder when confronted with considerable or subversive cultural elements from outside their known world, and often reject them for the threat they pose to their identity and sense of empowerment.
Have you ever been to Chicago and spoken to Midwesterners? A lot of them are more shockingly ignorant than they may ever realize.
by USeye April 3, 2007
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considered a different breed on the west coast. the good: they're nice outgoing people with morals. the bad: they'r nice outgoing people with morals.
rob is quirky and yippyskippy because he is midwestern.
by 75firebird September 23, 2006
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- enjoy tacky (charming) items
- are always prepared for cold weather
- listen to A Prairie Home Companion
- are too nice
- Say bag like 'beg'
- Wear flannels
- cross-country ski
Midwesterners find mugs with kittens on them charming instead of tacky.
by flapjack123 December 15, 2010
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Midwestern Marx (MWM) is a based collective of Marxists who analyze modern societal problems such as imperialism through a Marxist Lens. There founders Carlos Garrido and Eddie Liger are both extremely attract and intelligent. In 2021 MWM added full time Carpenter and Marxist Theorist Noah Khrachvik to their ranks and became even more based. Because the MWM collective is so often they are often attacked and derided by jealous libertarians, sadistic liberals, and pro-NATO "leftists." Editors from MWM have been doxxed multiple times by those who get upset by the truth, yet they continue to spit facts in the face of adversity. Website editor Eddie Liger has had Seven tik tok accounts deleted after amassing 375,000 followers on one and over 200,000 on another.

The MWM collective is dedicated to its principles of socialism, proletarian revolution, and anti-imperialism and regularly put out articles on their website, publish video content and live-stream to their YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as host online classes over zoom where MWM members read essential works of theory with audience members and discuss.
Girl: Yo have you seen Midwestern Marx?
Guy: Ya I watch his tik toks all the time!
Girl: It's not just one guy on tik tok you idiot. they're a collective that publishes print journals and books among other serious intellectual projects.
Guy: Nah I just watch them on tik tok
by Roberto Petegine May 25, 2023
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A cultural phenomenon wherein a group of Midwesterners, after gathering for an event, like say a meal at restaurant, spend nearly as much time in the establishment's parking lot as they did sharing the meal saying their goodbyes. News tidbits not discussed previously are shared, plans for future gatherings are made, things are borrowed, given, and returned. After the conversation, the group moves to a round of hugs, and not infrequently, impromptu plans are made on the spot to meet at one of the guest's homes to continue the gathering, after which the cycle repeats.
"Honey, I thought you said you'd be home by dark and now it's 11pm!?"

"Sorry, Hun, me and the boys got caught up in a Midwestern Goodbye and we all ended up at Jake's for beers in his living room."
by HeyDuckyDiddle February 21, 2022
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When you crack an egg into your vehicles radiator to temporarily stop coolant leaks.
Your radiator is leaking coolant. I suggest you order the Midwestern Souffle to hold you over until the next pit stop.
by Agent0fDeath November 20, 2022
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