The confederate flag isnt a symbol for slavery, its simply representing the South. Which they used in the Civil War which was over MANY other things, than just slavery. And for all you people who say its racist, go to the South, you'll see just as many black people wearin the flag as whites. Its just pure heritage.
Southerns proudly fly their Confederate flags everywhere.
by country heart December 1, 2006
1.) A historical symbol related to the Civil War
2.) Symbol of Southern Pride
3.) Symbol of the Redneck culture
4.) Symbol of White Supremacy

5.) Symbol used by white-trash adults who never grew out of the "edgy rebel" phase that most of us left behind in high school
Grown Man Who Works at McDonald's: "Hey everyone, I'm getting the Confederate flag tattooed on my arm, because I don't care what anyone thinks of me!"

(Everyone ignores him)

Grown Man Who Works at McDonald's: "I said, I'm getting a Confederate flag tattoo, 'cuz I don't care what y'all think of me!"

(Still being ignored)

Grown Man Who Works At McDonald's: "I'll bet a lot of you black folk are really offended by that!"

Black Person: (Ignores him)

Grown Man Who Works at McDonald's: "I'M A REBEL! I wear this flag for FREEDOM!"

Marine With American Flag Tattoo: "Oh really. "
by The Chickens Are Revolting December 15, 2014
A flag to represent the sweet South. It DOES NOT stand for slavery you jackasses so stop getting your underwear in a wad.
I proudly display the rebel flag, my heritage.
by Adrienne November 6, 2004
A time period starting at 1777 to 1787 were the United States had no idea what the fuck they were doing.
Citizen #1:"So, we've finally seperated from England, now what?"
Citizen#2"We do whatever the hell we want till someone figures out what the hell they're doing. Till then, no taxes!"
Citizen #1:"God bless this shitty system called the Articles of Confederation!"
by gabz0rz October 4, 2010
Used to describe one who would be embarassed to wear spandex in a weight obsessed city such as Los Angeles, but who would pass as relatively thin in regions of the southeastern United States.
Herman Goering fell into the Confederate Svelte category
by Zippy April 22, 2005
Piece of archaic southern history sometimes refered to as "heritage". In common practice, those proudly displaying the confederate flag are extreme nationalists, showing immense hypocrisy in the fact that the flag was seperatist and used in the fight AGAINST national unity, or rednecks who believed that the American Civil War was a fight for freedom from oppression and not just the desire to continue slavery, print different money for each individual state without clear exchange rates, form alliances between states, and throw the nation into unending divisive war.

The southern factions of the KKK use the confederate flag as the logo because they have no idea what the fuck is going on much of the time.
by cndnmatt November 6, 2005