Rock that has a southern sound to it, have many southern friends, sometimes even put up a nice confederate flag in there posters, and sounds like they're doing chew because you can't understand what the fuck they're saying ex Nickleback, Creed, Def Lepard, Lynard Skynard, and ZZ Topp
Redneck: Hey nigger you ever listen to some Nickleback?
African-American: Yeah they're really shitty
by the broganator October 25, 2011
A gay person who's sense of white pride over powers that of his fellow queermosmsexuals.
Sean: Bro! Did you see that gay guy wear the Confederate flag shirt?

Wayne: Yeah... hes a Confederate Fag
by Al-quida December 13, 2016
This flag is actually the 5th battle flag of the conferacy. Many people claim that this flag represents ricism and hatred. If this is so then why are'nt the other 4 flags generally considered racist. Because groups of asshole, hateful, racist people stole our heritage, i.e. our flag, to use for their movements which are motivated by fear and ignorance. The people who should be chastised are the one's stealing other peoples heritage and symbolic property.
I can't believe that these racist pig KKK guys are using the confederate flag for their rally. They should have the right to rally in this free country of ours; but they should be jailed for using a symbol of my heritage, which I consider sacred property, for their hateful purposed
by Dougo April 5, 2004
A Red white and blue fag with a similar design to that of the American Flag, flown by the CSA, it's meaning is what you make of it although there has been some scrupulation to the legitimacy of the "heritage" of the flag, it remains a powerful symbol of the South-Eastern United States. Civil War (1861-1865)
After the civil war, a new law prescribed that 75% of a states male population would need to take the pledge to defend America, however less than 10% in most cases actually did, and these states were readmitted into the union, not necessarily of thier own volition but of the volition of the US.
by Japanadan October 8, 2004
When you ejaculate into a girls mouth and she spits your seman back at you.
"My girlfriend pulled the confederate shotgun on me last night, it was gross."
by I hope all of you burn in hell November 28, 2007