1) An adjective meaning to be cool
2) A solid plan
3) A person who is stupid
1) luke: "Your playlist is concrete"
2) Jermaine: "That plan is concrete"
3) Nat: "You don't get the joke? You're concrete"
by Worđ December 18, 2019
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"I don't have any bud, but would you like some concrete?"
by laneyyy November 26, 2009
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the most fucking comfortable place to sleep when your drunk as shit
fuck tempur-pedic im gonna go crash on the concrete sidewalk
by supdude54 May 25, 2008
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1) the only thing that can teach one how to skate.

2) that which a skateboarder wakes up and smells.
1) i can't teach you to skate, only the concrete can teach you to skate.

2) hey, wake up and smell the concrete!
by carjack February 02, 2006
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a super thick ice cream product, actually frozen custard. The original and world's best can be found at Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard in south St. Louis. You can stick a spoon it it and turn it upside down and the spoon stays stuck in the custard.
I waited in line half an hour at Ted Drewe's to get a chocolate concrete.
by Woody Thomas January 07, 2006
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Concrete= ambiguous term that probably means something kinky af
"Erick, a guy who got a 14 on his ACT, is going to concrete Elena at NSO. Erick goes to the greatest and kinkiest University in America #thekinkyivy"
by #thekinkyivy April 05, 2016
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Street name for heroin, not cocaine or crack.
Dude, why would you wanna fill your veins with that concrete.

dope smack junk heroin china white dragon Mr. Brownstone
by September 21, 2013
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