The pansy way to say ice cream. Invented only for the sole purpose of sounding special. While it adds a bit of creativity to the traditional name of ice cream, it only serves the purpose of allowing the owners to charge people more for plain, old ice cream. Some may ask, "Is there really is a difference between ice cream and frozen custard?" The answer is simply no. And all you so called ice cream places that think you're so special because you serve "frozen custard"? You're not.
Maya (pansy server 1): "Um. We don't serve ice cream here."
Jack (pansy server 2): "Can't you read? The sign clearly says frozen custard."
Customer: Get a life.
by it'sicecreamb*tch May 28, 2011
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Possibly one of the best fast food/ice cream/hang out spots ever known. Serving all ages for those who just want good food and a good time. Famous for small, crispy, and delicious fries, and perfect frozen custard. Teens especially enjoy this resteraunt before or after seeing a movie.
Hey, come to Freddy's Frozen Custard tonight, we're gonna be there after the movie.
by xWafflerx July 02, 2009
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