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proper noun.
1) a large festival held in the black rock desert of northern nevada every august, creating temporarily the 4th largest city in the state.
2) the man itself; a large (approximately 40-foot tall) statue of a man, made of wood, lined with neon lights, which is the centerpiece of the city and the festival, and is ceremonially burned to the ground at the end of the festival. the symbolism of the burning is highly subjective and personal.
see also Burning Man.
jesse from dirt first: "whoever stays up in this tree will be making a sacrifice. you can't come down for anything; not a phish concert, not even BurningMan."
lisa simpson: "i'll do it!"
by carjack September 06, 2005

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1) the only thing that can teach one how to skate.

2) that which a skateboarder wakes up and smells.
1) i can't teach you to skate, only the concrete can teach you to skate.

2) hey, wake up and smell the concrete!
by carjack February 02, 2006

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1) A shortened term for the annual BurningMan festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. Those who attend are Burners.
2) any of various affiliated regional events around the country.
1) "is this your first Burn, or have you been out here before?"
2) "are you going to Flipside next year?"
"what's Flipside?"
"it's the big Texas Burn on memorial day weekend, near Austin."
by carjack September 06, 2005

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