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very much under the influence of one or a variety of substances
Back in my wild days I was loaded to the gunwales every other night
by Woody Thomas March 03, 2006
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A trilogy written by J.R.R. Tolkien, fantasy set in a place called Middle Earth, which is inhabited by hobbits and the like. While in high school in the early 70s, many of my fellow stoners were heavily into this trilogy and its precursor, The Hobbit. Led Zeppelin made references to it in a few of their songs, and Robert Plant was a known Tolkien enthusiest. This, of course, made it required reading for any self-respecting hippie, but I was strictly a poser when it came to this and other stoner sci-fi or fantasy, and after about the first 50 pages of the first book The Fellowship of the Ring, I found it too boring to read on.
In the 70s, the more cerebral stoners were into reading The Lord of the Rings.
by Woody Thomas July 26, 2008
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All of the people you would like to have (and/or have had)
sex with, any of which can be selected to fantasize about while masturbating.
I picked Maria from the masturbation rolodex last night
by Woody Thomas January 08, 2006
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A term of endearment, interchangable with homeslice, homeboy, etc. Other favorites:

home cookin'
home field advantage
home sweet home
home dog
home away from home
home brew
home of the brave
homeward bound
home improvement
by Woody Thomas June 27, 2007
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there are basically two categories of hoosier:
A. hoosier by birth
B. hoosier by lifestyle

a hoosier by birth really has no choice but to be a hoosier. They come from a long line of hoosiers, described by St. Louisian Glenn Savan in his book White Palace as "decendants of transplanted Ozark farmers.' Usually overweight, trailor inhabiting, junk food eating, quasi-inbred folks whose idea of luxury is shopping at Wal-Mart and when in the mood for gourmet dining, go to Ponderosa. For the ultimate in entertainment, it's the Jerry Springer Show or pro wrestling. Of course, NASCAR is big also. But the mecca of the true hoosier is Six Flags Ovcr Mid-America in Eureka, MO. A disproportinate number of hoosiers can be found at hospitals, as both patients and visitors, a result of a lifetime of artery clogging, blood pressure raising diet and smoking cigarettes. Due to its proximity to Jefferson County, St. Anthony's Hospital in south St. Louis County is a prime spot for hoosier watching,

Hoosiers by lifestyle have no excuse. They more often than not come from decent families but once are grown up and on their own, they choose to live like white trash. They listen to metal music, drink beer in excess, spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks every Fourth of July, allow their dogs to shit in their neighbors' yard, and attend professional sporting events not affordable for born hoosiers, and of course they are drunk and obnoxious at these baseball/football/hockey games.
Only a total hoosier would throw an empty drink cup out of the car window.
by Woody Thomas July 24, 2008
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The audience of a Grateful Dead show. A spoof (although not meant to be cruel) of "Jerry's Kids" for whom the Jerry Lewis telethon is held.
When the Dead were in town, all the fast food joints were filled with Jerry's Kids.
by Woody Thomas January 07, 2006
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