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84 definitions by Woody Thomas

A guy who has long hair and plays (or did at one time) rock guitar but is NOT representative of what long hair or rock 'n' roll is about. He is a fucking REDNECK who likes to kill animals and supports war. "The Nuge" is a splooge.
Ted Nugent needs to put down his crossbow, smoke some marijuana, and listen to some Dead.
by Woody Thomas April 8, 2007
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"Going to see the Chinaman" is African-American vernacular for going to get some Chinese take-out food.
I'm tired of McDonald's; let's go see the Chinaman tonight.
by Woody Thomas October 4, 2007
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A term used by over-the-road truckers referring to the east coast of the United States, with its large congested cities, pollution, crime, and grime, as contrasted to the western United States with its wide open spaces, natural beauty and clean air.
I was glad to get back to the West after spending two weeks on the Dirty Side.
by Woody Thomas February 28, 2010
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Former hockey enforcer Stu Grimson
Probert and the Grim Reaper went twice last night.
by Woody Thomas January 21, 2006
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The Italian neighborhood in south St. Louis, laden with many excellent restaurants, also markets and bakeries. Affectionately known as "Dago Hill" back in less politically correct times. Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola were born and grew up there.
There are at least a dozen good restaurants on The Hill.
by Woody Thomas January 22, 2006
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The most sadistic and bloodthirsty pro wrestler of all time. Used sharp objects to carve up opponents' foreheads and also threw "fire" in their faces. The fire was actually flash paper that The Sheik was somehow able to ignite and give the illusion he was producing a fireball out of thin air. His real name was Ed Farhat and he died in 2003 at age 76.
The Sheik and Abdullah the Butcher had a gore-fest of a match.
by Woody Thomas December 24, 2006
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a dream where you are on the toilet taking a dump, and the toilet is somewhere in a public place, surrounded by a crowd of people, like in a shopping mall for example.

I have dreamed of sitting on a toilet that was:

on the side of a busy highway

on the side of a beachfront hotel in Florida (at least the

toilet was facing the beach, so I had an ocean view)

In a restroom, but the restroom was open at both ends

and throngs of people were walking through, and there

was no stall, just a toilet

etc etc

In my toilet dreams, I usually casually converse with

passers-by as I sit on the toilet
I had the toilet dream again last night, and I was waiting for people to go away so I could wipe my ass, but they wouldn't go away
by Woody Thomas January 3, 2010
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