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A term used by Deadheads back in the day, meaning a ticket to a show given as a gift to someone outside the venue who has no ticket. Usually given randomly by a stranger. Taken from the Grateful Dead song "I Need a Miracle."
I was walking around the parking lot when this guy came up and miracled me
by Woody Thomas January 7, 2006
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the distance between two places if you took a straight line from one to the other
it's six miles to drive from my house to work, but only 3 miles as the crow flies
by Woody Thomas April 25, 2006
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Term used by Midwesteners back in the 70s, referring to locally grown marijuana, which then was highly inferior in quality. Any "domestic" weed would only be acquired as a last resort if no Mexican was available.
I smoked some of that Kansas City Shitty and all I got was a headache and a sore throat.
by Woody Thomas January 18, 2006
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a place such as Miami, Florida or Newark, New Jersey.
Or...East St. Louis, Illinois
Miami is the biggest fuckin' toilet in the country
by Woody Thomas April 12, 2007
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a vaginal fart, referenced in National Lampoon years ago
she let out a big ol' prell after I pulled out
by Woody Thomas January 5, 2006
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an infantile term used by parents when speaking to a pre-school aged child, meaning genitals of either gender
Honey, don't forget to wash your bosie when you take your bath.
by Woody Thomas January 7, 2006
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