Predominantly used in London.
To 'clock' is: to realise, to catch on, to notice.
1.) Shit! he clocked that i stole his phone.
2.) She clocked that something was wrong.
by martelldesu March 19, 2015
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Coming from the definition of being punched in the face and knocked out, clocked is a new stoner metaphor for when one is cooked and tired.
person 1: “fuck ive had too many cones i’m so clocked
person 2: “aha you fucking clocked cunt”
by d1ldo_swaggins5 December 25, 2020
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To complete all achievements there is in a video game.

To attain 100% completion in a video game.
I just clocked my new game.”

Friend 1: “I just passed COD4.”
Friend 2: “Well I just clocked it.”
by edu_cated_gamer July 12, 2010
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clocked as in you want to clock a new friend/sexual partner.
"so dave you going to clock jenny tonight"
"i already clocked her"
by P.Kong October 18, 2009
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used in gay vernacular especially among drag queens

to call out someone's flaws, to uncover or reveal the truth in a situation or one's true gender
I saw through her! She was a fake! And I clocked it! I am Nurse Clock-a-bitch!
by Gayzelle March 12, 2011
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"On the clock" refers to when one is getting paid by the hour and any setbacks are viewed in a positive light, because the longer the job takes the more you get paid.
Ryan: "dammit, we've hit every single red light on the way!"

Kevin: "don't worry about it chief, we're on the clock!"

Ryan: "nuff said."
by Dirty danchez June 29, 2009
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