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Predominantly used in London.
To 'clock' is: to realise, to catch on, to notice.
1.) Shit! he clocked that i stole his phone.
2.) She clocked that something was wrong.
by martelldesu March 19, 2015
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Beaten, bashed, punished. To hit someone.
"Shut the fuck up before I clock you."
"He waz gettin' tough, so I clocked him one."
by Diego September 11, 2003
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Observed, recorded, noted. Possibly related to determining the speed of a car by using a stopwatch to time its travel between two fixed points, such as "He was clocked doing 60 in a 45 zone".
"Hey that guy keeps eyeballing your iPod." "Yeah, I already clocked him."
by GayMedia April 04, 2010
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To get caught out, usually by feds (police)
oh shit, jarvis, drop that zoot, we bin clocked!!!
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
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To completly smash a video game. Meaning you get perfect scores and without losing a single life.
Holy shit Billy Mitchell clocked pac man.
by gamer_clocked June 23, 2009
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Coming from the definition of being punched in the face and knocked out, clocked is a new stoner metaphor for when one is cooked and tired.
person 1: β€œfuck ive had too many cones i’m so clocked”
person 2: β€œaha you fucking clocked cunt”
by d1ldo_swaggins5 December 25, 2020
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