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V. To Classturbate,
masturbating during class; most often by a guy, often creepy, with few exceptions.
The subject will most likely not know everyone does, though.
Guy: Dude! You hear about Vincent Frank?
Girl: No, what about him?
Guy: In two days so far, he's classturbated in 7 classes!!
Girl: That's just creepy.

And the weird part, this is a true story.

And yes, a teacher will notice.
in this case, she has
by Mikenotlistinghislastname September 24, 2008
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To masturbate while in class.

Especially if you are sweating like a whore in church and screwing your face up as if you are constipated.

See also classturbation.
1. Dude, did you see Bryan classturbate after that biology test?

2. Oh Em Gee, are you classturbating?

3. Did you see that facial expression he made while he classturbated?
by Larry Knickerbockers July 23, 2005
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When you get a raging erection in class and can't resist.
Taking your boner out of your boxers and moving your thighs side to sidee while yoor penis gets stimulation from the rubbing- classturbate
by classturbator69 September 13, 2012
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To masturbate while keeping the pinky finger completely extended
Woah bro, learn some manners when you jack off in public at least learn to classturbate!
by Fuzznutz August 22, 2013
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