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To poop one's pants without any internal biological warning
Tom thought he merely had to urinate, but then he Boardmaned all over the floor.
by J.P. Damboragian February 20, 2008
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A once upscale and progressive suburb of Youngstown run into the ground by two vindictive idiots posing as elected officials. A place where logic and reason have been completely removed from decisions affecting tens of thousands.
Man, they pulled a boardman on our ass. They told us they were going to widen the road to ease congestion. Instead they took out a lane and planted flowers and trees.
by Pedro1 September 05, 2007
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A town in eastern Oregon, that plain and simple sucks. The High school in Boardman is Riverside High School, which is full of unathletic boys that pretty much suck at every sport, and retarded girls that usually are total whores. It also has a 3 potato plants so it smells like crap.
Hey didnt Umatilla kill Boardman this year in football?

by Trukositz December 19, 2007
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The epitome of a metrosexual. This is a guy who thinks he can score with every girl, however unknowingly turns into a litle bitch in the process... indulging in such practices as reading GQ and other desperate measures
I really wanted to get with this girl so I tried boardmanning it but then my friends talked some sense into me
by sinoda November 15, 2005
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A cocksure and somewhat over confident attitude following a 2-minute sexual liaison with an extremely brass yat.
Jesus mate, you're such a Boardman. She was a 2.46 at best!
by Mr_Peacock September 23, 2010
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Professional Metro-sexual White Ass Emo Dragon Ball Z Inpersonating Ginger Mr T Fanatic.
"Boardman, you who the hell are you"
"Like Man, who are you fool... I is gonna do my hair now"
by The Anonymous Frominator... March 25, 2009
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Boardman is often associated with people in society who like to take control and use their power despite their petitness and femininity. It is very common that a Boardman will run away to build his own base whilst playing squads on fortnite whilst muttering to himself “squad south-east, their accuracy is sh*t” and then 5 seconds later will be asking for a medkit from you. A Boardman has awful tactics of building pointless sh*t and making it known to every player on the map where he is - whilst claiming he is the best player because he plays on Brazilian servers. Consequently, a Boardman likes to sit in his room all day, fingering his bumhole with a blue pump shotgun and shouting “Victory Royale!”
Look at the size of that boardman
by 14Joeyyy14 July 16, 2018
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