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The absolute worst, most unappealing, downright stupid, idiotic, mind numbing, horrendous, dick-limping, vagina-drying, waste of time humanly possible. This sad excuse for an online game represents how far mankind has fallen, and shows just how severe peoples dumbness can be. How someone can find such a chore like FARMING so entertaining is laughable. So many lives are wasted everyday when people go and play this shit stained program on their facebook profiles. Some even have the audacity to speak of this wretched atrocity, gloating about how useless they are and how great their farm looks. This ends up disturbing the lives of the majority of the population who actually matter (the people who dont play farmville). Farmville is the kind of bad habit that can destroy life-long friendships or end a marriage, the hate inducing game is so downright awful, people go so far as to plot the murder of those who play it, which is understandable. When it comes to the future of the human race, all the addicts who believe there are part of something popular when playing farmshit, will hopefully be killed off by natural selection. While the rest of the people in the world, who deserve to live, are out living their lives continue to procreate, all of the inept addicts who are busy locked up by their computers playing farmfuck will slowly make the world a better place, right before they get to harvest that last goddamn crop, by dying.
Example 1

Guy(winner): Hey, just got off the phone with 100 hot horny girls, they want us to come over to their place! Lets go!!!

Nadsack(loser): Can't, I'm playing Farmville, waiting to harvest my crops.

Example 2
Guy(winner): Hey man, I'm soo sorry your family died in that plane crash.

by cockjuggling thundercunt November 03, 2009

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One of the most ridiculously difficult, most fucking aggravating and profoundly anal retentive classes ever to be conceived by a devil worshiping baby eater. It alone can bring down an honor role student to virtually failing grades, anybody who gets a fraction of a point above above a 79% in this class and has the audacity to state that it is easy, or complains about their grade, has the choice to either literally drive 16 ford f350's directly into their tight pink virgin, soon to be bleeding, assholes, or rip out their sexual organs and sell them on eBay for no more that $1.35.
Bum: Spare some change??

Pedestrian: Why didn't you finish high school ya lazy bum?

Bum: I took apus history.

Pedestrian: ...how much do you need?

by cockjuggling thundercunt March 21, 2009

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When, in the middle of a heated sticky sweaty romping raging session of intercourse, the one special girl that will do anything for you will reach in her own tight asshole, force her fingers around her uterus that you are busy pounding away at with your meatshaft and grasps your raging hard on and gives you the greatest sensation in the world by giving you a handjob with the inside walls of her vagina at the same time while fucking a smoking hot bitches cunt hole.
Chick: Oh my god ur soooo good! omg omg omg

Nadsack: Fucking give it to me!!!

Chick: wat????!

Nadsack: A flaming master falcon grip BITCH!

by cockjuggling thundercunt August 26, 2009

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To firmly grasp and stroke the, baseball bat sized, hot, sweaty and slippery meat shaft attached to the underside of a stallion, which commonly known as a horses cock. This act is generally frowned upon in most societies. It it is simply unforgivable to any and all people who attempt it and succeed. It is even especially unforgivable (and uncontrollably hilarious) to proceed to drink any/all of the horse cum that may ejaculate violently into the milker's face.
"Everyone check it out! Nadsack is about to milk a horse!!!"
by cockjuggling thundercunt June 22, 2009

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Sticky milky residue that can drip, but has been known to violently erupt from a stallion's veiny throbbing cock. It is also word/phrase that can be used to emphasize a particular feeling or emotion. Anger, frustration, or witty humor can all be elaborated with the term horse cum.
or... " I love horse cum."
by cockjuggling thundercunt March 23, 2009

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To be in a class so boring that you take your non-dominant ( or dominant) hand and reach into your pants pocket and proceed to stimulate your genitals.
Matt: Dude that class was so boring, I just classturbated the whole time.

Nadsack: Me too. Classturbation helps with my tourettes.
by cockjuggling thundercunt March 21, 2009

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To receive (or give) an extreme uppercut, similar to a falcon punch, directly into the ballsack and ending up with either one or both testicles lodged up within the abdomen. The reversal of this process could take days or even weeks, all dependent on how big the nutshovers biceps were. Until the said testicles descend, the victim in a constant condition that is a.k.a NUTSHOVED.
Nadsack: Dude, u still nutshoved?

Matt: Yeah... B nutshoved me a week ago.

Nadsack: I wanna get nutshoved too!
by cockjuggling thundercunt March 23, 2009

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