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A common phrase openly stated by the typical man, its meaning applies to two specific scenario. The first and more common one being when a woman with a fantastic set of funbags, despite having a "great personality", walks by a man who catches a glimpse of the glorious sight and will happily proclaim "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice TATES!", expressing his joy. The second meaning is derived from the great sense of satisfaction a man gets when he imagines what a pair of nice tates would look like pressed against his face, for when something cool or awesome happens, it becomes more than acceptable to state "Niiiice Tates" as a means of defining the awesome/cool moment.
Example 1

Dude1: "Dude check out the hot bitch wearing the soaking wet white tank-top!!!"

Dude2: "Shes got some Nice Tates!!!"

Example 2

Nadsack: "Niiiiiiiiiiice Tates!"

Chick: "Excuse me???"

Nadsack" *gets scared girly look his face "Oh im sorry! I wasnt talkin bout u! It was just the moment!"

Girl: "Ur such a loser, get a haircut."
by cockjuggling thundercunt February 22, 2010
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One of the most ridiculously difficult, most fucking aggravating and profoundly anal retentive classes ever to be conceived by a devil worshiping baby eater. It alone can bring down an honor role student to virtually failing grades, anybody who gets a fraction of a point above above a 79% in this class and has the audacity to state that it is easy, or complains about their grade, has the choice to either literally drive 16 ford f350's directly into their tight pink virgin, soon to be bleeding, assholes, or rip out their sexual organs and sell them on eBay for no more that $1.35.
Bum: Spare some change??

Pedestrian: Why didn't you finish high school ya lazy bum?

Bum: I took apus history.

Pedestrian: ...how much do you need?

by cockjuggling thundercunt March 22, 2009
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An action whose sole purpose can vary for many reasons, but usually, the main cause for such an act is one of the following...

A. Boredom

B. Release of "stress"

C. Your hand is the closest thing to a dripping wet horny pussy that you'll ever get.

So just do it already.
Nadsack will stimulate his genitals all day,and nothing will cum out.


Nadsack will stimulate your genitals,and will only ask that when the time is right that you aim for his face.
by cockjuggling thundercunt April 1, 2009
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In the middle of a romping session of hardcore penetration, you take cologne and a lighter, proceed to light a womans shave cave on fire and shove your meat stick right in her flaming cunt hole. Right before and third degree burns permanently scar, you then pull out right before you blow a giant five roper and put out the blazing vagina. If done correctly the end result should consist of a perfectly hairless pussy, all hairs burned off, and a full stomach since all of this is done while eating a delicious sub from Firehouse.
Dude: dont move baby...

Chick: what are you doing?!?!?!!

Dude: SHUT THE FUCK UP IM FIREHOUSEING UR ASS! *lights pussy on fire

by cockjuggling thundercunt December 30, 2010
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To be in a class so boring that you take your non-dominant ( or dominant) hand and reach into your pants pocket and proceed to stimulate your genitals.
Matt: Dude that class was so boring, I just classturbated the whole time.

Nadsack: Me too. Classturbation helps with my tourettes.
by cockjuggling thundercunt March 22, 2009
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To be in a state of complete and absolute uselessness to any one or anything. No productive action or thought can be sequestered while in this annoying as hell state. Repeatedly dunking one's head into a bucket of rusty razors is more useful to the universe than twittling your nutsack.


Matt: I should have taken the entire class's advice.

by cockjuggling thundercunt April 1, 2009
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To be in an obnoxiously bitchy and uncompromisable state for no apparent reason. It can effect both males and females, if is a female, the only socially acceptable thing to do is to simply tune out any unnecessary jabber that might be escaping the premenstrual bitches noise hole. If male, however is acceptable to comment on the size, and/or visibility of their newly attained vagina.
Bitch: "I hate this! Today sucks! I hated Wall-E!"

Dude:" ...mhm...whatever you say..."


Male bitch/ Nadsack:" Im so bored, Im friggin hungry, wake up already! Feed me!"

Dude: "Hey, don't be so premenstrual, I can see ur vagina from here."
by cockjuggling thundercunt June 23, 2009
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