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When you sit in class and caress you dick until you ejaculate all inside your school pants. You are addicted to masturbating and you can't go a class period without jacking off. You usually don't realize that everyone is watching you and making fun of your addiction
Dude, I totally saw that kid Brendan classturbating in Spanish the other day. He got up and there was jizz all over his pants!
by JuicyAzz SparkleTitz December 05, 2008
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the incessant referral to how classy one is. masturbating your own ego about being a really classy person. verbally jacking yourself off because everyone else probably thinks you're a real horse's ass. read: the opposite of classy or having class.
"why does she keep talking about how she's the classy one in this feud"

"she's just classturbating. she's a chronic classturbator".
by yeahbuddyyeah July 08, 2011
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