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nick: hey whats up?
Hanner: your a clammy bass.
nick: dude wth.
by jknbhgvfhj October 28, 2008
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1. A term for having spunk in ypur mouth. Often used to describe people post sex
2. A way of describing someone sucking up to someone else, suggesting that their friendship is so close that have clammy mouths
1. I gave that girl a real good clammy mouth last night

2. A. Look at those over there!
B. They are verbally bumming each other
A. Yeah, they are a right pair of clammy mouths
by ibudgie July 27, 2009
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Common disorder found in ginger people which when they get nervous or emotionally aroused, their palms sweat and sometimes their hands go cold.
Ginger bob knew he was going to fail his maths test, so his clammy hands acted up again.
by Thepyschdoc March 14, 2014
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Upon fisting a girl, one withdraws their hand only find the moisture content on their appendage is significantly higher than normal.
"Dude I've a cramp and i've also got a bit of a clammy knuckle..."

"Awh dude thats savage..."
by Bob Paul III March 5, 2008
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when your testicle (knacker) gets really sweaty (clammy) and sticks to your leg.
Bollocks, i've got clammy knacker again!

This clammy knacker is pissing me off!

I wish i didn't get clammy knacker all the time!

I've recently entered "Clammy Knacker" into the urban dictionary!
by Mr Curt August 6, 2007
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This is a term used to a being whos hands are clammy but no moisture. When clammy your hands tend to feel like a smooth rubbery surface. McStevens is used to indicate a name. Plus it has a nice sound to it. So when called Clammy McStevens let it be known your hands are clammy. Remember this is not like Shlaggin Shaginsins Disease. because thats when there is exsesive amounts of moisture and sweating perfusely of the palms. Don't get the two confused.
Little Joe was walking down the street. Little did little joe notice Big Rob walking his way. Big Rob said "hello kind sir" They shook eachothers hands. Little Joe gave Big Rob a stare of confusion and ran down the street calling Big Rob Clammy Mcstevens...
by Bob Trivioni November 25, 2006
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Get out the whimsy flims mark and scribblers and clammy rogers so we can have a jolly good time
by March 17, 2011
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