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Little Joe is actually a Hard 4 in craps. A Hard 4 is two twos. While Little Joe is commonly mistaken as any 4, being 3-1 or 1-3, it is exclusively the Hard 4.
I won $175 on my $25 Little Joe.
by sinktank July 21, 2006
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
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Executing a person by shooting them twice in the chest and twice in the head is known as a little joe.

A roll of 4 the hard way in the game of craps.
Hard way are called such as there is only one way for a pair of dice to come up. For a hard four, it's 2&2. For an easy way four there are two different ways. Either the first die showing 1 and the other die showing 3. Or the first die showing 3 and the other die showing 1.

It is unknown if the craps slang came from the name of the killing technique or vise versa.
Take that rat bastard out back and little joe is punk ass.
by jimmy da prick May 24, 2020
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A very sweary 8 year old school kid obsessed with online PC games.
Eminem has a dirtier mouth than LittleJoe
by Silent_Bob May 22, 2004
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In the game of craps, it is slang for the number 3.

Odds of rolling a 3 are 2/36, or 1/18. If a 3 shows on the come out roll, the Pass Line bettors lose and the Don't Pass bettors win.
The bettor rolled the dice and came out with Little Joe.
by Jason Baxley January 25, 2004
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