sticky, hairy, stinky, and highly potent weed. See also: dank
Yo dawg, this green is clammy af, where'd you get it from, nate?
by Kalo. December 20, 2016
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me and my friends popped some xanex and smoked some kush and we were clammy lastnight
by theclamman April 29, 2011
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name is a mixture of Amy and Cloe

looks like a furby

eats hairclips and doors.

has a birthday every friday.
Clammy1 : hey sup nigguh!?!
Clammy2: hey lets go eat that door!
Clammy1: ksweetdealll!
Clammy2: aw luff yu Clam...
Clammy1: luff yu more! xxxxx <33
by Cindy aka Cloe August 21, 2006
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When the vag has secreted an excessive amount of discharge in the panties, making the female feel moist and swampish for most of he day.
"Mmmm gurl, I gots ta go change my panties because I got myself a clammy shammy"

"Gurl my shammy be so clammy on dis hot day"
by DPOOKERS January 7, 2010
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A sweaty vagina which also has discharge, thrush

The sign for this is clamping your hands, opening and closing 3 times like a crab and saying "clammy fanny" in a voice like 'Lenny's' from the the story 'Of Mice and Men'.
My girlfriends fanny stinks, she's got a clammy fanny! Uch a fi!
by rhywpenol October 5, 2009
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The act of trying to shove a Ham sandwich in your urethra. Your hands get clammy from this act.
Eric went to shake the professor's hand but his hands were moist because he just got finished pulling a hammy clammy.
by Borken77 May 31, 2017
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(v.) When you put sand into a girl's vagina and fuck her until pearls come out.
Guy 1: Did you hear John pulled off the Clammy Robertson?
Guy 2: No I didn't.
Guy 3: It doesn't surprise me, he is one kinky fucker.
by The Man With the Clam May 4, 2011
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