A guy who has a gf but doesn’t care abt her feeling so he just talks to other girl and sends them nudes
Girl 1: is that-

Girl 2: ugly whore? Yes it is.
by Piano79132829 October 14, 2019
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An unattractive female that has manly features who offers sexual services in exchange for crack. People like this are often found in ghetto towns.
Dude 1: Hey I just got a handy from the ugly crack whore in Winthrop.

Dude 2: Gross...
by mr. 56 April 13, 2010
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Someone that looks like the ass end of a camel and smells like rotting garbage, and of course is a whore.
Hey piss off you ugly monkey whore or He/she looks like a Ugly monkey whore.
by Rich cebry December 8, 2008
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The best compliment you can receive, if you haven’t been called a Fat Ugly Dumb Bitch Whore then you clearly aren’t living right, life is full of fucked up people and fucked up shit but you can always count on a fat ugly dumb bitch whore, it’s amazing how someone who’s given that much hate can bring SO much joy into the lives of others. They’re really somethin to treasure :)
Did you see that Fat Ugly Dumb Bitch Whore today? She’s the fuckin best, high key jealous of how great she is.
by HomemadeRaymin November 24, 2018
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a dumb fat ugly bitch ass whore is usually a word to use when you describe someone who is being a dumb fat ugly bitch ass whore.
this person almost always goes by the name of kai and they almost always have weird-ass Fucking eyebrows and moustache.
coolhotgirl12345- "wow that guy has some weird-ass fucking eyebrows and moustache."
dumb fat ugly bitch ass slut- "oh you mean kai? you can just call him a dumb fat ugly bitch ass whore"
coolhotgirl12345- "what a great name to call someone whos being a dumb fat ugly bitch ass whore
by coolhotgirl12345 July 1, 2020
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