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Stemming from 'pindick' (pin sized dick) - this word defines someone with an unusually small penis. It is generally used as a derogatory term and has no known medical connotations.
1) You're a proper pinna!
2) Hey pinna, how u doin?
3) You've got a right pinna!
by Mr Curt September 21, 2006

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"two-stroke" is the term used for a male who does not need an exceeding level of sexual stimulation to reach climax. The origin of the phrase "two-stroke" comes from mechanics, but has been cleverly adapted to mean literally someone who only needs two strokes of the penis and they're done. The most common usage of the phrase is as a nickname.
1) Come on, two-stroke, we're goin for a drink.
2) Yeah, we all know you're a right two-stroke.
3) Well rack me off and call me two-stroke, that was quick!
by Mr Curt September 21, 2006

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when your testicle (knacker) gets really sweaty (clammy) and sticks to your leg.
Bollocks, i've got clammy knacker again!

This clammy knacker is pissing me off!

I wish i didn't get clammy knacker all the time!

I've recently entered "Clammy Knacker" into the urban dictionary!
by Mr Curt August 06, 2007

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A Grungina is a vagina-like fold of skin that appears on Grun (or Grune), due to two meaty appendages coming into contact (ie the thighs) or due to one meaty appendage folding in on itself (ie the elbows).

Grungina is a well-documented medical condition, and is not to be sneered at. Please take it seriously, as one day, you could be a victim.
Shit Grune, you've got Grungina Elbow again!

Grune, your ass crack's making a right Grungina!

How the fuck have you managed to get grungina in the back of your neck?!
by Mr Curt March 09, 2009

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Slang term for someone who masturbates.
1) Put your cock away, you racker!
2) Stop racking one off and do some work!
3) Don't even think about having a rack!
by Mr Curt September 20, 2006

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