Socially awkward and often positioned out of the view of others. Avoids peer interactions and intimate relationships. Prone to computer technology and artistic pursuits. An introvert who may come out of the proverbial "clam shell" but this is a rarity."
Ryan sure was clammy last night; he positioned himself in the corner of the room during the entire party, barely spoke to anyone, and looked super uncomfortable.
by V Neck Saffron August 25, 2010
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awkward in conversation in an withholding or avoidant manner.
" Sorry i was so clammy the other day. I didn't quite know how to respond so i just got weird."
by enantiodromia October 19, 2011
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When your hands are in the middle of sticky and wet. Very disgusting and unpleasant to shake hands with someone who is clammy. Jeez. Clammy-handed people are commonly found in Liverpool.
Average person: “Jesus Christ Ella”, “your hands are clammier than the inside of a turtle’s neck on a hot day
Clammy: “fuck off you cretin
Average person: “dont touch me”
Clammy: “🖕🏼“
by Bambino em December 2, 2018
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An orgy for elderly lesbians or sometimes gender curious old women. Usually held in a "dance hall" or at churches on Sunday evenings. It's like a huge social event in which old ladies hook up as well as gossip. It involves plenty of saggy breast grabbing, granola-coated spit swapping, and gray-haired-vagina rubbing. As well as bingo and embroidery.

Every year, there is the Annual Clamajama, an event much looked forward to by old ladies everywhere. It's sponsored by cat fancy magazine.
Gertrude: Rose! Come back over here and rub your pussy on my pussy while we discuss our grandchildren!
Rose: Ooh! This is the best clammy I've been to since I got that hip replacement!
by Roberta_luvs_cats May 3, 2011
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The state in which you are a little sweaty after a nap in a warm/hot place.
Greg: I took such a GREAT nap in my new hoodie! I'm a little clammy though.

Maya: I'm so embarrassed! My palms were totally sweaty when I held his hand.....
Hanna: I'm sure his were a little clammy too!
by Define it June 4, 2017
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dank, damp, slime, moist, unpleasant etc
Me: Gimme yo hand, bby...

Bby: No, they're clammy..

Me: 👅
by Playboy_Pat June 12, 2018
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(klăm'ē) adj. content; satisfied; fulfilled; as in 'happy as a clam'
No more coffee for me, thanks. I’m feeling pretty clammy as is.
by Steve Palmer June 24, 2005
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