A particularly filthy and/or sweaty vagina.

Could also refer to a Jammy Dodger that has been sitting in a warm lunchbox for too long, causing it to sweat.
Example 1

Guy1: "Wow she's a bit of alright!"
Guy2: "Don't go there man, she's got a Clammy Dodger"

Example 2

Guy1: "Ah mate, what the hell is that moist red blob in your lunchbox"
Guy2: "Clammy Dodger"
by ThompsonDB June 28, 2007
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When you finger a girl and her vagina smells like shell fish.
Susan gave Jim clammy fingers yesterday. He couldn’t get the smell off.
by ILoveToSpooge February 1, 2020
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her gilf was a clammy grammy.
by thicsister July 29, 2018
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the act of lining your crack with seafood and clenching
guy: hey why do you work at that crappy seafood restaurant? girl: because I like having a clammy taco
by A'Lex February 21, 2014
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An ancient and historically sought after exercise in sexual deviance said to have been so disgusting that it propmted capitalism. Six participants lie back on a handmade mat shitting wildly like a wall fountain. Originated as a cultural right of passage, Asia Minor
An alchemist spends his life searching for a recipe that produces gold from metal. A clemist, such as I, have already discovered and translated the riddles of human sexual curiosity at its finest: the clammy anderson
by fuck you who gives January 23, 2009
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Unlike Swamp Ass where your entire ass is wet from sweat, Clammy Anus can be described as moist and sticky and only surrounding the rectum with some possible migration down to the taint. Where Swamp Ass occurs due to heat or heavy activity and smells mostly like BO, Clammy Anus is the result of seepage due to sickness or flatulence. The odor, while more subtle, is the combination of sick and poo. Not pleasant. Chaffing is less likely with Clammy Anus, but the sticky nature makes wiping ones ass more difficult as the paper is very likely to stick and tear along the affected area.

In general, you can imagine clams left out at room temperature for too long to describe the feel and smell of Clammy Anus.
After drinking too much last night and not feeling well today I was suffering from a classic case of Clammy Anus.
by Lewes Kram December 28, 2012
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When one eats a handfull of shmagma from under the foreskin of a friend, then regurgitates it into the vagina of a woman, and proceeds to use it as lube while performing intercourse. (Also can be used during anal sex)
Last weekend, after marissa and I ate dinner, I took her back to my place and john and I made her some clammy chowder...
by Tom Soler June 12, 2011
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