Another form of 'aw' or 'awe' used mostly to discribe something cute or a cute moment.
Awhh, look that the puppy! Its so cute!
by dance1995 April 15, 2011
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Often used to express disappointment in text. Can also be 'Aw'
J: "I'm sorry, I can't come out tonight. :/"
E: "Awh :( I was looking forward to that!"
by Megwan October 19, 2013
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To be said when something funny, unbelievable, or offensive has happened
Carl: “Hey Corbin, you have the facial features of a fruit fly”
Corbin: “Awh”
by Carl.O May 6, 2021
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It is a noise you make instead of a greeting you say awh
by Auh February 9, 2019
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aka as a word owned by Eva
The word is referenced to have a meaning of ‘aw’ but with a h.
by ajdhjdndvevdd March 8, 2020
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1.referring to the awhness of tits.

2. referring to anger of being pwned.
Chris: Dude, i just pwned you in the anus!
Tyler: AWH TITS!!!!
by Penis of notredom January 25, 2009
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To agree in excitement or just to agree to something you have no idea about. (In a friend to friend conversation) NOT TO YOUR BOSS! please don't say it to you boss.
Friend 1 "Hey do ya want to go to see blah blah blah today."
Friend 2 "Awh yis."
Friend 1 " Awwwwwhhh yissss!"
Friend 2 "Yis."
Friend 1 "Awwwhhh yissssssssssssssss!!"
Friend 2 *death stares friend 1* "That's my word, DON'T USE IT!!"

Friend 1 "So were you even listening."
Friend 2 "Awh yis."
Friend 1 "Okay so should I do it."
Friend 2 "Hang on...WHAT?"
by queerunicorns April 13, 2015
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