Another form of 'aw' or 'awe' used mostly to discribe something cute or a cute moment.
Awhh, look that the puppy! Its so cute!
by dance1995 April 15, 2011
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Often used to express disappointment in text. Can also be 'Aw'
J: "I'm sorry, I can't come out tonight. :/"
E: "Awh :( I was looking forward to that!"
by Megwan October 19, 2013
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To be said when something funny, unbelievable, or offensive has happened
Carl: “Hey Corbin, you have the facial features of a fruit fly”
Corbin: “Awh”
by Carl.O May 6, 2021
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It is a noise you make instead of a greeting you say awh
by Auh February 9, 2019
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aka as a word owned by Eva
The word is referenced to have a meaning of ‘aw’ but with a h.
by ajdhjdndvevdd March 8, 2020
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1.referring to the awhness of tits.

2. referring to anger of being pwned.
Chris: Dude, i just pwned you in the anus!
Tyler: AWH TITS!!!!
by Penis of notredom January 25, 2009
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there are 2 ways to use it..
1) sarcasm
2) be sweet and or meaning they are being cute
1) awh boo you really wanna start this?
2) awh boo your so cute
by hairdresser1234 June 21, 2017
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