Cumming in someone’s ass, usually another dude’s, pulling out, then other guys plug in and screw the cum recipient hard. This has the effect of churning the first load of cum into a frothy meringue and so it does on. The same way people used to churn to make butter in the old days. Churning the love butter in someone’s ass-churn.
Steve and the guys gave Dave a right churning last night. Looked like whipped cream leaking from his ass by the end.
by Muck Spreader March 16, 2021
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The act of using bank account or credit card sign up bonuses to make money.
Ive been churning out some serious cash using credits cards.
by Gwynnyyy July 28, 2021
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Shitting you're brains out,not feeling good.Overall,having digestive problems with your body that prevent you from being a normal human.
friend:"hey man wanna go out tonight?"
me: "no dude, I can't. I'm at home churning."
by MargeD. April 3, 2014
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When a good looking and manipulative girl takes advantage of a male's financial situation by having him pay dinners, Vodka bottles, nightclub entrance fees, and other social activities (including holidays). Churning girls tend to be found in nightclubs and high-society parties.
Jon: I had dinner last night with that girl Sara I met at Pacha on Saturday
Nicolas: Did she offer to pay half of the bill?
Jon: No, I had to pay in full big time and she ordered the most expensive bottle of Champagne on the menu. I totally got churned bro'
Nicolas: Dude, that's mad churning...
by Sohojohn September 24, 2013
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The practice of creating unnecessary work or dragging out necessary work in order to increase the amount of money billed to a client. (slang, Amer. Legal)
"I was churning on the Smith case, making sure I had enough billable hours."
by Atticus Funk March 2, 2005
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Going to the movies to see an American War movie, stripping down naked, covering yourself in popcorn butter, and masturbating the whole time.
"Did you hear what sexual deviancy Jon practices?"
"No, what?"
"He goes to the movies and starts churning!!"
by captawesome8 February 23, 2015
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Whne your in the throw of a sexual act puke on your dick and then get a chick to lick it off
Excuse me there young lady i have puked on my self fancy a bit of churning?

by Juicing from all cracks May 15, 2003
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