Amer is male name with arab origins. The name means trustworthy, brave, a life, a period of life, and person with this name can be described as a brave man, the one who decides something and makes it happen, always ready for action, the kind of man who makes your heart melt,
super kind and sweet. His personality lights up a room, and even though everyone wants to hang out with him, he chooses his inner circle wisely. He is type of person that will do anything to put smile on your face and will never betray your trust, which describes his name perfectly, just what this name completely means.
Hard-working, smart, loyal, cute, intelligent and the best person you could meet. Every second with him would be like you are on cloud 9.
Amer is a type of person you need in your life, to feel safe and loved.
Amer is the best arab name, it describes someones personality perfectly.
by nootmedoingthis July 5, 2020
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A man who is very kind, considerate, passionate. Loves to cook and is a big mamma’s boy. A little cocky especially when it comes to uno but very respectable. The type of guy that will always open the door for you and treat you like a queen.
Who is that handsome stud? Is that Amer?
by skatergirl#1 March 14, 2020
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Amer is a coplete sexy hot boy that loves to plaesure himself. 'that guy is such an Amer' he is tall and every girl loves him. he is a manwhore and a bit of a slag. 'yummy i love amer' every1 fances amer. he is a player and a pimp. 'i wish i was Amer'.
'i love amer'
'i wish i ws amer'
'amer is such a pimp'
'that guy is such an amer'
by sexxiii girl February 6, 2008
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An Arabic name.


A complete stud, someone who is light and handsome.
That guy is Amer.

I wish i was Amer.

Im, Amer.
by PersianLionn January 26, 2011
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A biological term referring to the physiological phenomenon of a

penis becoming engored and enlarged; a boner
He got an amer while checking out his orgo professor.

He got so excited, he got an amer.
by koolguy13 August 15, 2013
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Sending messages on steam or discord to someone while you both are in a voice chat on discord
Hey man, stop sending messages. Stop being Such a Amer!
by Za3bola May 3, 2019
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A slur a derogatory slang to Americans shortned verision of Americans Americs
Stop the use of Americs.
by VibezXD March 4, 2023
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