When used in a business context.
noun: Churn is used when referring to 'churn rate'. Churn rate or churn, is the percentage of people that stop using or subscribing to a service within a certain time frame. For a business to be profitable, its growth rate must exceed its churn. As well as customer churn, there is revenue churn.
verb: These customers that have left have 'churned'.
Calculating churn can be simple. To find the percentage of customers that have churned, take the number of customers you have lost during a time frame, for example a month, and divide it by the number of customers you had at the beginning of that month.
by myword77 February 15, 2017
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to smoke marijuana with another individual
Yo u trying to churn right after work?-Joe

Yeh no doubt hit me up-Clive
by todle September 11, 2011
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hey look at that bruh bruh over there with his 24 karat shoes. HE HELLA CHURN!
by CHURN D July 10, 2008
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The word of mouth crap that bubbles up in professional environments, some of which can be quite valuable, after sifted through, though typically ridiculed and scoffed at by everyone for its uncertainty.
Example of some churn: "Well, I have not talked to Rick, but Julie asked him when you were coming on board, and he said he would hire you as soon as we were sure that the new CEO will mean bringing in the business we expect."
by gyrovague October 01, 2009
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Cumming in someone’s ass, usually another dude’s, pulling out, then other guys plug in and screw the cum recipient hard. This has the effect of churning the first load of cum into a frothy meringue and so it does on. The same way people used to churn to make butter in the old days. Churning the love butter in someone’s ass-churn.
Steve and the guys gave Dave a right churning last night. Looked like whipped cream leaking from his ass by the end.
by Muck Spreader March 16, 2021
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When a good looking and manipulative girl takes advantage of a male's financial situation by having him pay dinners, Vodka bottles, nightclub entrance fees, and other social activities (including holidays). Churning girls tend to be found in nightclubs and high-society parties.
Jon: I had dinner last night with that girl Sara I met at Pacha on Saturday
Nicolas: Did she offer to pay half of the bill?
Jon: No, I had to pay in full big time and she ordered the most expensive bottle of Champagne on the menu. I totally got churned bro'
Nicolas: Dude, that's mad churning...
by Sohojohn September 24, 2013
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