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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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When you whip a busted nut.
After a fateful evening in bed with my unknown gender companion, I whipped cream and it splashed literally everywhere.
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by Your Mom's Gay February 02, 2019
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Other than honey, the best food that tastes better when it's on a woman's body.
Yo baby bring that thang over here so I can put some whipped cream on you.
by TenInchPlaya August 20, 2006
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When a man ejaculates onto a bodily surface, and begins rubbing vigorously the semen that has been dispersed onto the skin; Creating a fluffy white, "Whipped" Cream.
I just jizzed on her back, and made whipped cream by rubbing it really hard and fast.
by pewtypewter December 20, 2014
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a really sweet thing to put on

1)ice cream
3)your man
Put some whipped cream on me baby

Yes, sir!
by 44dinablowurhorn44 May 03, 2007
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