that bitch at the corner store got so many churn runnin round
by Billy Joe from Bama April 6, 2006
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hey look at that bruh bruh over there with his 24 karat shoes. HE HELLA CHURN!
by CHURN D July 11, 2008
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Meaning to give dick out; to fuck from a male prospective. Usually used as in to bone a chick.
Yo, bro! I churned the fuck out of that chick last night!
by MrSuperABomb September 17, 2018
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to smoke marijuana with another individual
Yo u trying to churn right after work?-Joe

Yeh no doubt hit me up-Clive
by todle September 11, 2011
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Continue to stroke in and out of the vagina, rectum or mouth, after an ejaculation.
He continued to churn long after he shot his load into her.
by Churnking April 1, 2012
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Hand job complete with release. Either self inflicted or performed for you by a willing dairymaid.
After seeing her spread in Playboy, I spent the night churning butter.
by Dr. Johnson January 13, 2004
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The word of mouth crap that bubbles up in professional environments, some of which can be quite valuable, after sifted through, though typically ridiculed and scoffed at by everyone for its uncertainty.
Example of some churn: "Well, I have not talked to Rick, but Julie asked him when you were coming on board, and he said he would hire you as soon as we were sure that the new CEO will mean bringing in the business we expect."
by gyrovague October 1, 2009
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