An institution of Europe's nightlife and dance scene, originally located in the mediterranean Spanish island of IBIZA. It's franchised the World over and it's name is synonym of great music, fashion and debauchery.
"Hey PACO got them beans handy?....It's mandatory we hit PACHA'S afterhours this weekend!"
by Ctrl303 March 15, 2005
French expression "living like a pacha". During the 13th century, this noun was mostly given to governors. It describes their type of life as "lazy and surrounded by servants to make their life as relaxed as possible". Basically describing a man sitting and waiting, acting like a king.
Can also be used to describe a big proud cat lazing around.
He's such a pacha.
My cat is a big pacha.
Look at him! Thinks he's a pacha!
by Lillie_fr August 9, 2020
You guys are all burnt must of been smoking some Pacha bro- Marc N.
by StickyCUDI November 1, 2010
A lame, easily angered female, usually associated with tacos or taco making.
That Pacha working at the taco truck looked so pissed when I asked for extra salsa. I thought she was going to choke me.
by RouteBeer June 2, 2014
in Hoduras is used to name the baby bottle
give the (pacha) to the baby
by Jose March 1, 2005
A word used to describe something on the tip of your tongue or somthing you feel uncomfortable saying and dont wish others to understand.
"so do you....pacha yourself?" OR
"change the channel" "wheres know, pacha?" "under the cushion"
by stef2k11 March 10, 2006