1. A creamy dessert topping, known well as part of lemon meringue pie.
2. Slang for jizz.
"I got meringue in my hair!"
"That's a sticky mess."
by SoySocks April 17, 2014
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Similar to whipped but even more than regular. Derived from the fact that if egg whites and sugar are whipped hard enough, it'll become a meringue.
Lacey: Woa, she's got him whipped!
Hanna: Girl, he ain't whipped, he's meringued!
by lacefrogface January 18, 2009
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Yet another slang term for gizz, sperm, semen, splooge
The pornstar shot a load of meatstick meringue on the porn starlet's tanned butt cheek
by sarasplayroom.com November 15, 2009
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A commonly autocorrected word that is formed when one misspells being.
N-You are meringue mean.
R- WTF is meringue...
by SheBang November 22, 2014
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The meringue like residue left on the front of a man's undies after spermal seepage.
Jesus! I'm going to have to tie a knot in my nob. I've got man meringue all over me bills.
by Dannymc November 22, 2007
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When a guy is fucking someone, comes inside them, stays in until he gets soft, and then pees in them.
Man, he was so drunk when we were doin' it last night, total lemon meringue before I could roll him off of me!
by mochakitty May 24, 2004
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A Dirty Meringue is a fella who you would expect to have a vanilla sense of sexual nature towards other potential homesexual males but actualy gives off a vibe that other potential homesexual males feels is too aggressive in the sheets.
Corybn was completely off guard when Jack went from a chill conversion about chugging beers to a complete Dirty Meringue and implied that the beers could be a metaphor for his peen.
by Definitely not Terry June 23, 2021
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