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Pizzeria frequented by young children and pedophiles.
Timmy is five and likes to eat at Chuck E. Cheese. George is thirty-five and likes to eat there too.
by Andie June 18, 2004
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A loud place with strange children runnning amuck and a creepy guy in a mouse suit.
Also a place where they get away for selling plastic pieces of crap for 300+ tickets.
Why not go to Chuck E Cheese?
by a sarcastic kid October 01, 2008
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A place where you go to eat pizza, be chased by a woman in a mouse suit, trample little children who smell like shit. and be trampled by little children in hanging plastic tunnels.

Person (We think):
1) A mouse in cheap clothing who molests little children in his free time.

2) A mouse who scares people older than the age of 9. (See Gary Gamza and Lexy Luton AND Lea Sanchez)
Chuck E. Cheese is the scariest mouse in the fucking world!
by The Anger Management Trio February 20, 2004
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See Brothel

a place where you can pay for some cheap entertainment, and catch a contagious disease....
Chuck E. Cheeses is gross-it's the kind of place you take your kids if you hate them

We took Debbie and Biff to Chuck E. Cheese-they spent $30 dollars on Skee-Ball and only won 5 tickets, Biff got into a fight with another kid, and they both have Staph!
by repoed2 July 23, 2009
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Atrocious children themed restaurant where birthday parties are held featuring cardboard pizza, broken slime covered arcade machines and playland, creepy animitronic "band", and a disinterested teenager in a mouse suit. Formerly known as Showbiz Pizza,established by Nolan Bushnell, the dude who started Atari.
Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese's and score a few thousand tickets on the skeeball machine and get a 15 year old black & white TV.
by Lee Iacocca July 20, 2004
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Where a kid can be a kid... DUHH or in some cases Where a kid can be a star. And can eat greasy pizza.
Dad: Where is a good place to get rid of the kids?
Mom: At Chuck E Cheese's
by coooolkarmkarm October 05, 2009
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