Person who acts in a strange or crazy manner, who would often have social problems that may lead to social isolation. A person who does not act in accordance with what is considered normal, a weirdo.
John is a very screwy guy, he hardly ever leaves the house.
by ar-gee August 30, 2006
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A word to describe something crappy, something that is bad, something that sucks
sorry for the static, my phone is screwy
by jdrox May 29, 2006
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Screwy - such a loving person who somtimes has the tenmdancy to FLIP into a pchcotic world of unforgiving unglancing terrorism that we all no and lubb and that is the POWER of screwy, DA MOOODY GETT we call him but inside we all no he is DA HULK!!!!
Screwy think of a postamn and a lampost theres ya man
by Xyken June 9, 2003
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This means that something isn't working correctly; screwing up
Guy 1: Dude, what's up with the internet?
Guy 2: I don't know man. It's being all fucky screwy.
by Bigfooted Giraffe November 17, 2014
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an adjective that describes something that is not working right or not doing what its supposed to. gay, fucked up
what the fuck, the printers all screwy louie again.
by euphoria August 1, 2005
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