describing something thats done inexpensively or on a tight budget
when we went on vacation in Europe a few years ago, we did it on the cheap, staying in hostels and biking around wearing our backpacks.
by hipster June 08, 2004
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In various kinds of games: to win, not by cheating, exactly, but by relying on techniques that lack any finesse, skill, or sophistication. Keeping to the letter of the rules, without respecting their spirit. Victory without sportsmanship, but without entering any cheat codes.
A: "You must be pretty good at street fighter to finish off the AI with a perfect round!"

B: "Nah, I just play as Ryu and hammer them with Hadoken."

A: "Man, that's cheaping."
by anarchthonic February 28, 2009
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A reference to one of the following:

1. An individual who is extremely careful with money
2. An individual who is easy to have sex with
3. An individual who uses the same tactic/tactics to win
4. An object that is worth very little
1. " That guy's cheap "
2. " She's real cheap " or " He's real cheap "
3. " You're cheap! " " Man, that's cheap "
4. " Those jeans are cheap! "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
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A GPS navigator that doesn't work as well as you had hoped. It will not recognize what rode you are on, if it is not a main road, and will not recognize certain house numbers or stores.
I really should have sprang an extra $50 and gotten a real GPS instead of this crappy old CheapES.
by TangClock March 17, 2009
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someone that doesn't like to spend money
Olvier is very cheap
by jon June 21, 2003
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A tactic available in a game which is loved and loathed in equal measure. people who abuse a cheap tactic would call it "effective" as it is available for use in the game. As effective as it may be, abuse of a cheap tactic can detriment skill at a game as cheap tactics do not usually require a great deal of skill to utilise in the first place. People can also become reliant on it to win, further detrimenting skill. Cheap tactics tend to proliferate themselves as people adopt a cheap tactic to counter the same cheap tactic used against them (esp. the combo in Halo 2). The debate about a particular cheap tactic can become never-ending, due to the mixed opinions on the debate of cheapness vs effectiveness.
Counter-Strike -The n00b cannon --Kills with pretty much one hit, even when shot in the toe.

Marvel vs capcom 2: Cable's air hyper viper beam is cheap. Playing well with magneto is not cheap as skill is required to be good with him.

Halo 2: Plasma Pistol battle rifle combo aka "The combo"

"ha ha--he's using the combo!- How cheap!"
by Duffath May 14, 2005
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The cheapest chips you could buy at your local supermarket.
Yo, bro! Pass me some of those cheaps.
by reFly January 26, 2019
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