Okay, so we all know Luton isn't perfect. Infact, we all know its no where near that.
But I challenge you to find a town that is any where near as culturally diverse as Luton is. Its mix of races and cultures make it exciting and revolutionary- to expect a town to be full of white people is so old fashioned and ignorant.
The wide range of religion and races make it a fantastic place to grow up- it makes you more accepting of everyone.
So if you slag Luton off because you think Lutonians are 'stupid', take a look in the mirror, because it is ridiculous to suggest a town is uneducated just because of what it looks like.
Yea, Luton may have all the stereotypes, but you're just jelous.
by angel_101 May 14, 2008
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I came on this website looking for Luton slang to use as examples in my university work and I was shocked at what I read! Some of it was quite funny because it’s so true, but in this day and age what do you expect? I'm not one to normally defend Luton but at the end of the day there are much worse places to live. I've lived in Wigmore all my life and never experienced any trouble. I would give someone £100 if they can find me a place where trouble DOESN'T happen. YES, smelly tramps might ask you for a pound when you're in town, and YES it's very concrete and grey, and YES there are some Chavs, but that description could be describing any one of the major cities in the country. Contrary to popular belief you CAN walk around without getting stabbed or beaten up. I've been doing it my whole life. I'm fully aware that it's not the nicest looking or maybe even the safest place but if you're not a complete idiot you will get out alive. I won't pretend there is a lot going for it because I know that there is not. But people need to stop banging on about how rubbish it is! I am not a tramp, an immigrant, a weirdo, an alcoholic or a drug addict. Both myself and my sister came out of school with A* grades- she is now a maths teacher and I am doing a degree in English aiming to be an English teacher- shock horror, people who don't pronounce their T's can actually be educated! Luton is not the hell hole that people have been describing it as.
I've lived in Luton all my life.
by AnnoyedLutonian October 28, 2010
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I'd like to add to my previous definition. Firstly regarding Luton nightlife.

The Park is adequate, owned by the Scream Pubs chain so it has some sort of respectability. Not great, but, hey! You're in Luton!

The Four Horseshoes is an Irish pub. The offspring of the Irish families (like me) used to go there and get pissed. The owner keeps it pretty orderly, it's worth a look.

The Edge is well worth it if you like indie and electro (lower room) and various types of metal (upper room). £12 entry on Tuesdays and a free bar.

I'm tired now, so i'd basically like to move on to the main point for this entry. "Can You Back It?" (down at the bottom of the page, oh, the humiliation) you're an uneducated spacker, and seriously, Watford? Hah, don't make me laugh. Don't type like that, you fucking mongoloid. "tinks dere bare hard," Seriously man, you just lose at life for writing that. Die.

I'm so glad I live in Manchester now.
Hah! Definitions. Is that 20 letters, eh? Luton Luton Luton. Gah.
by Woodsie October 23, 2006
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Luton isnt as bad as people make it out to be. I mean bedford try to say theres nothing to do in luton but they dont even have a cinema!

Also all that crap about luton beggin to be from Watford is bullshit why whould any lutonian want to be like a bunch of spoiled inbreads.

Some people on this site claim that we are uneducated me and my freinds are A to B student and our school isnt even one of the best in Luton. So you people kinda stretched the truth there dont you think.

Growing up in luton is great i respect everyone and everyone respects me no matter what race you are. For example when im online on my xbox and see people getting racist i think its wierd coz in Luton we all treat each other the same.

Its also one of the best places to get street wise. The people that get stabbed dont know how to handle themselfs on road most of them are snakes or racists.

P.S i would love to see a Watford guy come down here and say crap to our faces.
Luton stays solid.

Watford stays Jealous
by Jibb11 September 14, 2008
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Absolute shit-hole, an English town located in Bedfordshire. Wonderful footy team though.
"Have you been to Luton recently?"
"Oh, what's happened in that shithole now?!"
by kyayla March 14, 2023
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What are you people doing? Alot of the reviews on this website complain about the education of 'Lutonians', yet for the most part, every Lutonian has aided in prooving the point.
"...it aight..." I mean what in Gods name is that supposed to mean anyway? Yes Luton has it's problems with violence and most people who live in Luton have either been victim to it or have been the one inflicting it. But I would not describe Luton as 'Ghetto'.
As for the educational establishments , I for one blame those who choose not to learn. Many of the citizens are reasonably well educated but, through fear of mugging, tend not to walk the streets.
As for its cultural diversity, yes there are many muslims and seeks and what have you but I am pretty sure it is not legal to refere to Bury Park as "paki land".
Entertainment, well I wouldnt know. Those who are smart enough seek entertainment outside or Luton or in our own homes.
In conclusion, anyone who is trying to redeem Lutons status and wishes to write a defenition please, do not embarrass your selves by using popular Luton 'slang'. Im sure if I , seventeen yearold, can use correct English, the rest of you can.
I think you will find that Luton is no longer 'Britain's crappiest town'.
by Matt Gander October 28, 2007
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luton is a town 30 miles from london, where from in is an urban jungle. Luton itself is an old town, of old hat and car industry which has passed leaving some deprivation. As a result lots of migrants have moved in, however culturally it is diverse. Lots of asian, black african and carribean, refugee, and recently polish. Despite its bad name, it is actually the most multicultural town in the uk, often busy with trade and culture. Yeah it is the outcome of huge change and people but is a place of tongues, beliefs, religion and diversity. The streets have a sense of ownership of the people the street credibility is high as people are educated, foremost knowing the sense of whats real. Music may be of cultural critique but movements are happening, and being on the edge of london it's a hub of talent just look at talented spoken word artists like rkz and sunit and raxstar who deserve a fair chance and shouldn't be seen as outcasts but the truth.
I hope anyone who see's just the bad of luton goes to the grim north. Anyone should watch the football team whos history and sense of togetherness sums up luton, a town that will never die, always evolving through diversity. I encourage it, as a suburb of london Luton should thrive and i hope one day people appreciate it. Luton town is a place of real urban britain. Peace
by Master Ash May 2, 2009
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