An amazing boyfriend who will care about you and never let go. Hottie who will always make sure you're ok and do every freaking possible thing to make u happy. He will flatter u all the time and cuddle u and tell u he loves you all the time. U are lucky to have one in ur life even if u are just friends!
Is Christian ur bf??
by The best gf December 26, 2017
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Best best boyfriend a girl could ever wish for. He's considerate, caring, AMAZINGLY sweet, loving, handsome, sexy beyond belief (to sum things up). He'll come into your life when you least expect, but you'll never want him to leave once he does. He has gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile. When he holds you in his arms the world melts away. He'll turn your worst days around and make them into your best and he'll be there for you no matter what. Best thing that will ever happen to you point blank!
Christian is the Best Boyfriend Ever
by Lovely112509 April 12, 2010
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A very dank meme who always know when it's a trap
Jeff: I got scammed yesterday :(

Bob: you should've asked Christian before signing up
by Coacroach911 September 30, 2018
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a guy you can spill your guts to with no fear of anyone else finding out. the wisest idiot you have ever met. he isnt perfect, and may have made a few mistakes, but he knows it and tries to learn from it and move on. he is extremely insightful, and when you talk to him you feel like he knows exactly what you are thinking before you say it. Has the most beautiful eyes of any boy you have ever met, and you have to watch yourself so you dont end up staring.. bear hugs are always welcome, because they make you feel like you are wrapped up in love and safety no matter your current situation in life and you forget your feet are on the ground. sarcasm drips from everything he says but that just makes you adore him more. he loves music with all he is, especially hardcore. he works hard and long to provide for his future, and for that you respect him. when you need him he appears at any time of day or night. he can be full of himself and really stupid sometimes. his self-esteem level goes to the negatives and he seems to jump from girl to girl, which drives you absolutely insane, but in the end you know you will stay. he says he cares about you, but sometimes you wonder if he genuinely means it. during the hardest times of your year, you stay up late and think about your conversations. you cant help but smile. he is your guardian angel. and though the world doesnt accept him, he wants to break down the walls of stereotypes and make his mark before he goes.
christian: he doesnt love you. and you dont love him.
you:why do you say that?
christian: because we arent who we are supposed to be yet. no one is. so why fall for someone who doesnt exist?
by xxkill_the_eggrollsxx November 20, 2010
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The most amazing, cute, adorable person ever. They will make you feel like the best person ever and make you smile all the time, they will make a big impact in your life and they are the most caring person ever and make you feel happy all the time. You’ll never get tired of them.
Christian: hi

AudrEy: that’s fricking adorable marry me
via giphy
by Dorky butt March 30, 2019
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A guy that is kind, nice, sweet, caring, and funny. He is that one guy friend that you've been looking for ALL your life. He is the guy that you can talk to about ANYTHING, from personal things to usual events, and knowing that it'll stick to him. He's that one guy who you think would never exist. He can be quite annoying at times, when people just don't want him around, but without him there, your day would seem just...boring. He's also a great listener. He'll listen to what you have to talk or vent about in your life and try to do the best he can to help you out. He'll even understand what you're talking about due to the fact that he's been through really tough and hard times. His self-esteem is quite low, especially his confidence, making him that cute shy-guy. Whenever he would like a girl, he'd always be nervous around her, he couldn't even look at her. But, he goes to great lengths to do whatever he can to get her attention and to make a great impression on her. Heck, he would even buy you a thousand roses for her.
Sure he isn't the cutest or handsomest guy in the world, with the nicest body, or soft locks of hair, or those gleaming eyes, but his looks doesn't matter when his heart and personality is pure. You just cannot live without him. If he was gone, you'd know that you'd be heartbroken knowing that you can't meet up with him or see him and here his cheesy and corny jokes.
Friend 1: I just met a guy named Christian
Friend 2: Really? What's he like?
Friend 1: Well :) He's SUPER kind and funny! He's not that very attractive like those super models, but his heart is sooo pure. He's...sweet :).
Friend 2: Wow! He sounds like that guy who would never exist.
Friend 1: I know, but he's here, and I'm so happy that I met and became friends with him.
by fl1ppydud3 September 09, 2012
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Christian is the coolest kid ever and one of the best people you'll ever meet. He is kind, sweet, silly, quirky, and overall amazing (although he doesn't know it). He is always there for you - he will let you rant about literally anything (whether it's something you're going through or something annoying in a movie). He will always try to cheer you up and can make you smile and laugh on your worst days. He is friends with everyone and is one of the most popular kids in school. You are lucky to have him as a friend because he will be your biggest fan and cheerleader. Although he doesn't realize it, he makes everybody's lives better. He willingly puts up with all of your crazy stuff and goes along with your weird ideas. He sticks with you at your best and at your worst. He tries his best at everything he does, whether it is academically, socially, or familial.

Also, he has the BEST taste in music ever AND ALWAYS SUGGESTS THE BESTS SONGS. He is also very musically talented and is super good at playing the guitar.
"Hey, do you know Christian?"
"Whoa, yeah! He's such a cool kid."
by sortakindaishhhhhh January 11, 2019
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