People who follow Christ as the centre of their beliefs. They should accept that they are not perfect and that they need the love and forgiveness of Jesus to become whole again. They believe that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Christians are not to be mistaken for hypocrites who follow a holier-than-thou attitude to life. Real Christians are humble and give all the praise back to Jesus.
"all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God" (Romans 3:23)
by David Bunce July 27, 2005
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This guy is sexy and hot, and is the perfect guy.he can always make you smile and laugh, and he always has a smile on his face. He likes to tease people, usually Chelsea's. He is super awesome and would make a great boyfriend, but he usually dates Amanda's. He is the most awesome guy you'll ever meet.
That guy is so cool, I bet his name is Christian.
by PuppyLove1234 October 04, 2013
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The most wonderful person you will ever meet. He may seem a little mean at times but his heart is in the right place. He's a great listener and always cares about what you have to say. He sticks up for his and always tells the truth even if it's not what you want to hear. He's always there for you and will never let you down. Getting to know him is the best decision you will ever make. He's hard working when he wants to be but is also stubborn and a tad immature. He's tons of fun to be around and will keep you laughing. He's also the most absolutely amazing Boyfriend ever. And I'm lucky to call him mine. :)
"You know that guy Christian?"
"The super cute one who's amazing?"
"Yep that's the one."
by jeany beany September 23, 2011
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The guy I fell in love with. I'm too young to say this, but I know when I'm old and prune-like, I'll never regret loving him. It may be my hormones talking; but I love my hormones, and I always will :
Christian is a perfectionist, a "pedophile," or so he claims (because he has many self-given names); okay, he's not a pedophile, he just says he is. He's actually only 17, but anyways ... He can be insightful, but then again, he can be negative, or what he says, "I'm not negative. I'm positive .. in a dark way."
He's insanely adorable with his phrases, and when you're near him, you will start to shake and incessantly babble on about the Odyssey. That's how great he is.

Many people will look at you funny when you point out who he is, but you won't care.

And whenever you pass by him (and this is probably only if he's secretly in love with you too), he can't help but look. This also goes for when you're in the same room, but you're not sitting at the same table.
He's insanely funny and has many comebacks. He's been through many things, which you can't help but feel sorry for him.
When you're talking to him online, he'll occasionally have one-worded answers, because, after all, he's a guy, but most of the time, he's truthful as to what he's feeling.
Christian is also intelligent.

Ultimately, he's what every girl (or so I think) wants.
Christian walks out of the room.
Friend: Who was that?
Me: That was Christian, the guy that I love.
by perfectionismsucks June 28, 2011
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Excessively looks for himself on google an extremely cute sexy person. This person is very intellegent and can be very romantic. Overall a funny, attractive, intelligent, sweet, caring person. Also this person is likes hugs. ^_^
Dat Christian was so hot I want to date him
by Darthcheezeburger February 12, 2014
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A person who believes that Christ is their Savior. A person who believes that Jesus of Israel was/is the Son of God and was everything He claimed to be.
Kristen was a Christian and carried her Bible everywhere she went.
by Krysti Auzuki May 07, 2005
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Normal people, they believe in the teachings of Jesus and God. Like normal people they can be jerks or nice. Christians have been portrayed for the most part as a bunch of science-ignorant homophobics, and yes this is true for many people, it is not the case with every single Christian out there. Anywho, they're normal people, believe in a dead guy's teachings and like normal people screw up time to time.
Some examples of good deads from Christians are Alcoholics Anonymous, orphanages, charities, and hospitals. Some examples of them screwing up include the Spanish Conquisition, the Crusades, and the West-Boro Baptist Church.
by Guy Noir January 20, 2012
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