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Christian is a guy unlike any other. He is the perfect combination of stereotypes in high school novels, the jock, the prom king, the joker and the player. The things that Christian values above all are honesty and cup size. Christian would win Love Island based solely on deluded god complex. His Love like his trust is finite, it is a resource only awarded to those who earn it. Christian has the ability to make any girl fall in love with him, even if that girl happens to be a high school chemistry teacher. He achieves this using a mixture of his irresistible charisma and surprising intelligence. The guy has the ability to achieve great things academically, but only of he got of his ass and stopped being so lazy. To conclude, you cant help but fall in love with a Christian, stay vigilant. It is important to know that if you dig deep enough and scrape away all the dickhead, Christian is actually a decent friend and person overall, plus, hes mad good looking which is a bonus.
Its prom night "Christian" is probably on the prowl
Don't mind "Christian" he means well
by The_Count_ June 24, 2019

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